Life jacket

I am a white water kayak paddler. And I always wear a life jacket when I paddle. Why? Because, if the worst thing happens, and I start doubting my strength, my life jacket is like having a friend who will support me through my troubles.

If you are in your struggles, in the middle of your own whirlpool, and you started doubting yourself that you will make it through, to the point that you no longer see your way out, reach out immediately and cry for help.

If you feel that your life is in danger, please act immediately. Ask for help.

And if you think that the Parental Alienation Healing services are your life jacket, contact me and I will help – as a human being to another human being – completely free of charge.

You were given life as the dearest gift from the Universe, to experience the essence of humanity through all the emotions revealing to you. You are much more than just your thoughts and feeling. You can break through all the pain that sometimes looks unbearable to you. You are a giant standing in your own shadow. Just one step forward, into the sun, and you will make it.

If you feel my hand can support you through such difficulties, contact me. In those circumstances, my Parental Alienation Healing services will be completely free of charge to you.

With all my love, gratitude and above all respect …


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