PAH Intention Group – weekly session

PAH Intention Group consists of 6 to 12 alienated parents, grandparents, family members,  step-parents, step-grandparents, adult children and supportive members.

The group will meet regularly – once a week at the set time.

Each group member will explain his problem briefly in front of his group and set his intention up. Then the whole group will harmoniously,  through the specific procedure, release the intention to the Universe.

The group members do not need to be healers or experienced in meditation. They just need to be humans and come with an open mind and heart full of love for other person’s healing.

The meditative prayer itself lasts for 10 min, after which the group members are free to discuss the session’s experiences. The whole session is about 45 min long.

The price for one person for one month ( 4 sessions ) is 50 euros, to be paid in advance by scheduling your session through the booking button.

For this service please contact me directly to schedule you in an appropriate group.

I am here for any questions you might have. Thank you.


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