What is the PAH Intention Group?

I am grateful to Lynne McTaggart and her book The Power of Eight for giving me the idea to form a similar support group for all those alienated from their loved ones. To be backed up by such a group of people of the same destiny is a blessing because we alienated people know how much we have all been rejected and how much we need the support of human hearts.  

So, how does such a group look like?

PAH Intention Group ( PAH = Parental Alienation Healing ) is a group of people who wishes to support each other through sending good intention/affirmation/request to the Field / Universe to be fulfilled.

Group consists of 6 to 12 people who are not healers, experienced meditators, yogists or priests. They are just alienated – parents, step-parents, grandparents, step-grandparents, family members, adult children, and supportive members.

I think that alienated people will send out an intention/affirmation/request to the Field / Universe, for the fellow from the group, doing it profoundly and deeply, having that unfortunate experience of being alienated themselves. And I think they will support each other in such a compassionate way that not any force in this Universe can stay aside and not help.

The group will meet regularly – once a week, at the set time.

I will be your host for each session.

We will meet regularly through the internet, via Zoom. Every week we will have one person who will be the “guest speaker “. He will briefly present his problem, what he wants to address in his intention/affirmation/request to be changed for him by the Universe, and kindly ask the other group members for their help. If that person expresses his wish, the group might help him shaping his intention. Then the whole group will, through the specific procedure, send the intention to the Universe with their goodwill.

Intention itself should be about parental alienation as that is the reason why we meet; maybe about your relationship with your children, about your case at the court, or your support team. All the issues which are of your concern regarding alienation could be addressed in the Group.

The Intention procedure/ prayer is no longer than 10 min long, especially as the participants are not experienced meditators, and their focus is of short attention.

After sending the Intention out, the participants might discuss how they felt during the session and the impact the session had on them. Because in intention groups, all participants benefit from the Intention Group– the “guest speaker “ as well as the “helpers “.The Universe blesses them all. All the participants feel the effects, each person separately in his own story. This is known as the mirror effect: when you help with the intention of other group members, you yourself get healed, too.

It is important to write down all the changes that are happening to you in the time to come – to measure your progress. And what is more important, the next time, when it is your turn to place your intention in front of the group, to use that gained knowledge from previous Intention cases to well prepare the sentence of your intention.

Each participant will benefit from setting the Intention for the “guest speaker “. Because of being alienated, we all have the same problem, the same pattern of behaviours, alienation, custody battle, abuse. Therefore, when the Field is working on the alienated person who is the “guest speaker “ of that particular week, the Field is working on the rest of the group, as well. All the participants are included in the mercy of the Universe. The energy of the healing goes through every single member of the group. That is why all the participants need to measure their progress and their change as well.

I will, as your guide, lead you through the process. I am your host.

Being invited to pray for other people and open heart in love for other human beings is the ultimate expression of gratitude to the Universe because the Universe created us to give and to receive. And when in giving we don’t have to receive from the same person we gave to. The Universe is there to balance everything; the energy and love among us all.

I am honoured that we walk together. I am honoured that I am invited to be praying through your intention for you. And for your child, too.

Because whatever changes in you change in your children, too. And in me and my children as well.

The Universe blesses us all…



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