Who am I?

My name is Jasmina Radulj. You can call me JR. I am the mother of two wonderful and beautiful boys. I lead my parental alienation battle with the passion of a mother bear, the power of a lioness, and the dignity and grace of a queen. Because my love for my sons is encouraged and guided by the deepest life force on Earth – the Universe.

Mother like you. Parent like you. At the moment – alienated.

I am a dedicated mother who, after a long career in public relations and events management in the foreign diplomatic service, has found fulfillment in baking cakes and doing homework with her children. And above all, watching them grow into incredible young men.

Passionate Reiki and Ho’oponopono certified practitioner

I am an authorized practitioner of the holistic techniques of Reiki (Level I + II) and Ho’oponopono, which I considered to be the most purifying methods of healing that I tried to help go through the story of parental alienation. They touch on all other aspects of my life in such a profound way that I look forward to the rest of my life with strength and faith for all that follows. My life is a new and rediscovered “la joie de vivre”.

Parental alienation activist & advocate through my educational web page and blog “Life with Alienated Children “.


I am the founder of the website and blog “Life with Alienated Children”. It explains everything one should know about parental alienation in this visible world (visible through the five senses). We could say that it is about WHAT parental alienation is, seen through the eyes of the PA practitioners and experts, while the web page and blog ParentalAlienationHealing.com is about HOW TO heal from it.

Passionate arts & crafts designer of handmade felted bags and jewellery

My brand “KortaKreativa by JR” gives me the enormous joy of creating handmade, unique and sophisticated felted bags and jewellery for those special occasions when you want to have something from the natural world of runic wool.


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Devoted nature walker, white water&sea kayak paddler, bike adventurer and moto-bike rider.

Many years of being in the heart of nature have led me to build my personal universe of peace and tranquillity, believing in and respecting the sustainability of natural resources and the need for human cooperation.



Work in progress

I am my own “work in progress”. I am constantly changing and exploring who I am and where I want to go. ParentalAlienationHealing.com came out of my life experience with my parental alienation situation. The moment I accepted that the situation came to my life as something good, for me, I stopped fighting it and started working with it. Whatever comes to me, good or bad, I explore it to find out what it tells me. I am learning how to be me, the new way, using the beautiful holistic techniques of Ho’oponopono and Reiki, which have been enriching me with all the blessings from the Universe. Working with you is the opportunity for both of us to trust the Universe to bless us with its wisdom and its love.

All my blessings to you



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