What is Ho’oponopono?

I am sorry…

                        Please… Forgive me…

                                                            I love you…

                                                                                    Thank you…

are the most powerful words on the planet, on Earth. They are the beginning of everything, they are the essence and will be with us at the end of our lives.

Try to say them in a rhythm of a prayer…

I am sorry…

                        Please… Forgive me…

                                                            I love you…

                                                                                    Thank you…

They are calming, they are southing.

Those words resonate with peace and tranquillity, don’t they? As if they calm down the stirred water inside of us.

Every sound makes a vibration. Every word has its vibration.

When we say the words “I am sorry, please, forgive me, I love you “, those words make vibrations known as Ho’oponopono prayer. Those vibrations are communicating with vibrations inside of us. Those vibrations are communicating with vibrations around us.


The human body is made of water, a lot of water – 75%. Our brain is made of water, too – 85%. When we are babies, we are more than 90 % of water. And we started our life as almost the whole water – an embryo.

Our water flows within us. It has a specific vibration that emits a particular frequency. That vibration of our water is our energy.

When the water inside us is calm and steady, that is our natural state of balance and harmony. And only peace and tranquillity.  That is the state we were born in. It is called zero states, divine state, and intrinsic state. This is the state we want to be in, as our natural state. The Ho’oponopono prayer vibrates precisely in the same rhythm.


We are all energy – an energy that has a physical body. Therefore, our body is the warehouse for our inner energy.

Our inner energy moves in waves. Those waves, when measured and experienced by humans, with those five senses, are visible to us as various visible shapes and matters inside of us, including water/liquid.

The energy moves in invisible waves, therefore our water, as such expressed energy, moves in waves, too. Therefore, our water has a specific vibration that emits a particular frequency.

When the water inside of us vibrates in the frequency of calmness and steadiness, that is our natural state of balance and harmony. That is the state we were born in. It is called zero states, divine state, and intrinsic state. This is the state we want to be in, as our natural state.
When we feel at ease then calmness and steadiness are the vibrations we have and the frequency we emit.

The Ho’oponopono prayer vibrates precisely in the same rhythm… and the words of Ho’oponopono bring peace and tranquillity.

Our water vibrates and emits vibrations to our surroundings. We influence our surroundings. But we also react to our surroundings, and to other people’s vibrations, too. That is how we communicate with each other on the level of our vibrations, on the level of our energies. All of that is unseen to the naked eye. But it is felt even before we say a word. We do not need to say a word, and we will understand each other on the level of the exchange of energy information.

Now, imagine an encounter between two people: you and another person.

Your vibration could be the same as the vibration of the other person. But your vibration could also be lower or higher than his. Lower vibration drags you down into the lower energy state. Higher vibration lifts you into a higher energy state. A higher energy state empowers you so that you can lead your life powerfully and mighty. Imagine entering the courtroom in that state.

Ho’oponopono prayer lifts you in such a way. With the Ho’oponopono prayer, you are in good company because that prayer, its words, has the highest vibration of all – the vibration of love, gratitude, and forgiveness. By the way, Ho’oponopono comes from Hawai, and it means “to set things right “.

If we stay on this technical level of the Ho’oponopono prayer, it would be enough for us, alienated parents. Knowing that you have in your own hands such a powerful technique to calm yourself immediately down and to smooth the troubled water inside of you is enough to be happy. You can pull the method up in any battle you want. Before, during, or after.

But Ho’oponopono is more potent than just an ad hoc tool.

Ho’oponopono gave me answers about my life. That is mighty!


Ho’oponopono came to me through the famous book “Zero Limits“ by dr. Joe Vitale and through his Ho’oponopono online courses. And through dr. Hew Len’s and Mabel Katz’s books and courses, as well. After that, nothing was the same.

Explanation of what is Ho’oponopono and how it works opened up for me the whole Universe.

Why? Why was it so discovered?

Because it gave me a much broader picture of why I am here, why I have a parental alienation situation in my life, why I as well as my children have been manipulated by my ex-partner, and how I can help myself and my children, too with this potent tool. And that power was and still is in my hands.


We are all divine beings (“Zero” state ), and we all come to this world with that divine spark in us. That is the reason why we are so potent as beings. We came so that we would experience life on Earth. Our first breath is the starting point of our physical life on this planet.

In experiencing this life, we can act from a state of love and passion where we are guided by our hearts. When we act from love, we are inspired and creative in whatever we do from our hearts. It is an effortless state of living. And emotionally very rewarding. Pure bliss and joy. That is why loving our children is so easy. It comes from our hearts.

Or we can react from the state of fear which comes from the blockedenergy. That blocked energy is our blocked emotion. ( Emotion = energy in motion ). We call it pain; we call it inner wound. We call it Inner Wounded Child.

Where does the blocked energy come from?

Our water has a memory of the past. That memory is in our code which came with us to this life. That code is known as DNA.

The memory carries previously-stored unhealed wounds from our past – either directly from ours or indirectly from our ancestors. They are stored either as a memory we do not remember, from our family, our ancestors imprinted in our DNA, or they could be added to our DNA as wounds from our own past, from our childhood. Either way, the memory is seeking to be healed through us now and in this generation, in this life. The memory is calling you as any lighthouse his ship to find a safe harbor.


We all experience different circumstances /situations in life. And we act upon the situations in a certain way. We could say that the situations trigger us to experience why we came here, to this life. However, that is written in our DNA – our task, our purpose, our mission. How and what we will do with the memory record it is for us to decide. It is called free will.

When the triggered situation occurs, we decide how to act upon it – be proactive or reactive.

Proactive – means doing something on purpose in this particular situation. Our heart wants something that leads us towards what we want to experience in this life with that specific situation. If we follow what our heart desires, we create from the highest vibration level – from passion and love. That means we are making that experience from the level of the divine spark in us.  We are co-creating that experience with the Divine energy we are part of. 

The outcome of such proactivity is that the triggered situation is experienced, felt, and full-field.  We are full of energy, empowered with that creative experience, and we move on in our life with happiness and joy.  We radiate that energy all around us, and people can feel it, too. That is why successful people attract many people around them, because of that energy level.

If we react to life’s trigger, we do that out of fear of a particular life situation. Fear is the emotion of feeling inadequate to respond to something that is happening to us. Fear is expressed as negative emotion such as anger, resentment, jealousy, frustration, unworthiness, self-shame, self-blame, or any other negative emotion resulting from the feeling and belief of not being enough.

In that situation, we do not create from the heart, from love. We are not empowered but disempowered by the outcomes of the triggered situation. Because we did not solve the problem, the energy of the blocked emotion is not healed and released from our bodies. It continues to stay in it as a new unhealed wound. During your life, you will have another possibility to heal that wound in other situations that you will trigger for that reason. If you react in fear again, you will be defeated again, feeling disempowered, exhausted, and weak. That negative pattern of your behavior will only add more pain to you. That pain will be stored in your body and your DNA until you heal it – in your current life or the next generation of your family. That is called transgenerational trauma, a trauma that repeats itself in the next generation.

We, parents, are energetically connected with our children. If you heal the wounds in your life, your children’s wounds will be automatically healed, too. That is crucial for you to know.

If you do not heal your wounds from the parental alienation story, it is most likely that the same situation will occur in the next generations. And in the lives of your children – the same kind of partner. That is why transgenerational trauma is so painful.

Ho’oponopono will not make the alienation situation disappear. Ho’oponopon will make you healed and stronger to meet your challenges in life so that you go empowered and stronger through them, knowing that you are freeing yourself of pain and, at the same time, freeing your children, too.


In Ho’oponopono, it is crucial to ask yourself the following:

“What is going on inside of me ( in my water, in my DNA ) that triggered that experience, that situation in my life? What is that I need to experience in that situation? “

Your memory in your DNA code, as your blocked emotion, is calling that particular situation so that the blocked pain can be healed and released in your life by you. That is happening subconsciously, out of your conscious logic. You are not to blame for it, and you are not guilty of any kind for attracting that in your life. Your responsibility comes in with the way how you will respond to it. That is the huge difference in understanding the issue.

You can not avoid the triggers in your life. Your wounds send vibrations out so that the pain has an opportunity to be healed. Those vibrations are of a specific frequency to attract particular situations. Therefore, a certain situation will happen to you. Why don’t you use it for your good, instead? Experience the situation and make the experience work for you. That is why you call on the help of Ho’oponopono prayer and make it not just a tool but a way of life.

Using the Ho’oponopono prayer, you will be calling in help from the Field like the wise helper. You are surrendering your problem to something higher than you, who will do it for you. Remember the previous article Messages from water: Love & Gratitude. Prayer changes regular drinking water into holy water which has a higher energetic level. That is scientifically proven.

Under the influence of prayer, your water becomes peaceful but more powerful in level of energy.

In that way, your pain is unblocked, and that stuck energy around is released. You are pain-free. You set yourself free from the pain in your DNA memory which needed to be expressed in this life and cleared away.Consequently, you feel empowered. You feel full of energy to lead your life forward painless, energized, and potent.

You can not avoid situations in your life because life, per se, is living all kinds of experiences, good ones, and bad ones. But you can go through your life supported by a mighty tool that heals you from your pain and leaves you full of energy and empowered so that you can experience the next challenge from a higher level of your life. And the next one from the higher level and so on.

That is an incredible feeling. It gives you the courage to deal with your life and faith and joy to encounter whatever comes next.  

That is what we need so much in our parental alienation situations.

Courage and faith.

Courage – that we can do it and go through it. Faith – that everything will be alright and that our children will be saved.


You have a partner in this triggered situation. You create a situation together with him/her. You both triggered the problem so that both of you can be healed from it. You either act together in the creation or fight / react toward each other. When you act together you both grow, that is the beauty of Life.


People meet for a reason, to be partners in a common situation, to experience the same problem from different and opposite poles. We all play specific roles in the case. The only that matters is to play your role, your side of the story. It is your part to discover what is in your DNA that you need to experience in that situation. The power to clean your pain is in your hands, through Ho’oponopono as a tool. 

You do not work with the other person, you do not heal the other person, you only work with yourself.  Leave the other person alone, out of your actions. The person is responsible for himself. He is not your problem.

Your problem is the memory of blocked emotions in your DNA, your unhealed pain from your past, or your ancestors’ lives, calling you to be healed. That is why you are triggered in the same kind of situation so that you finally healthily resolve that pain.

The other person is the mirror for the pain. The other person is mirroring what needs to be healed in your DNA; anger, resentment, frustrations, loneliness, bitterness, emptiness, you name it. It does not matter what it is and why it is. The only thing that matters is that it is happening, and it is happening because something inside of you provoked that situation. You need to clean and heal it with Ho’oponopono.

Don’t stay in that pain as victims do.

You can go through the pain. You have the Ho’oponopono tool. You are powerful beyond any measure, and you can do it.


Once you have cleared one wound in your DNA by experiencing it and making your pain be erased through the help of Ho’oponopono, the next pain will be triggered by some new situation. That pain will be either cleared and healed if you are proactive with it, or it will be doubled, or tripled in painful reaction, if you react towards it from fear, in a similar situation, through the negative pattern of your behavior.

If you are clearing your wounds, out of your body, you are healing and empowering yourself, you are creating a life more and more from the state of passion and love, feeling encouraged to take on more and more challenges in your life. You are becoming brave and authentic. You are revealing yourself to yourself. And you are decoding your DNA – who you really are and why you are here. And that is exactly the reason why parental alienation came your way as an opportunity to heal your inner wounds.

Do not be a victim.

Survive your story, heal from your story and thrive from it.

It would be my honor to guide you, support you and empower you through your parental alienation story healing. In that way, you are healing your wounds, and I am healing mine, too. Either way, consequently our children will be healed, too.

Two people always meet for a reason. The two of us would meet for a good cause.



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