What is Reiki?

Reiki came to me when I finally decided that it was about time to turn my attention to myself instead of searching for answers and solutions from others.

By that time, I had already worked with myself to concentrate my efforts on my thoughts and my mind. I read some wonderful books and spiritual authors who shifted my consciousness to the other side of my reality. Through it, some amazing things came out, broadened my horizons, and broadened my mental images to an unrecognizable extent. However, I was still emotionally weak and drained.

By accident, I was put into contact with Reiki. And like Ho’oponopono, it took my breath away with its beauty, simplicity, and Universal mercy.


Because I was not alone anymore, I found access to Life Force to back me up so that I powerfully went through whatever was ahead of me. What was more important, was that power was in my hands to help me with my struggles. I could have encountered any of my difficulties, knowing that I had strength and breath to go through. Consequently, out of that – faith came, too. I started to believe that I could survive and possibly even thrive in my parental alienation situation.


Reiki is all about energy…

There is that energy around us we have access to, from the Field ( Rei), and there is that energy within us( Ki ), which we have from the first moment of our life. Therefore, Reiki is the holistic system of using and combining both energies to heal ourselves and become totally in balance and at peace with ourselves and others around us. The aim is to be again in human zero states, our intrinsic state – to be in balance and peace with ourselves. That is when we are the most powerful and creative.

In other words, for us, parental alienated parents, using Reiki means finding stability and strength to go through the legal processes having steadiness, focus, and clarity of mind. And above all, the persistence to push things till the end. With the support of Reiki, we aimfully lead ourselves and our support team to bring our children back home, to us, like the leader responsible for our own lives and with the determination of a general to finish the battle for our children. It is time to say, “It is enough “…


I want to point out here that Reiki is all about physics and not about mysticism. It is about energy and vibrations, and frequencies.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. ”

Nikola Tesla.

It is all about the energetic field around us, the Field, and the energy within us. It is all about vibrations that influence us, our thoughts, and our actions. And as we vibrate with a particular frequency, we impact all beings around us – including our children as well as our partners. And the other way around. We are in constant interactions with our surroundings, and we change our surroundings, too. With Reiki, we are no longer victims of the situations around us, but creators.

When we use Reiki, we use Universal outer energy to do good to our inner energy. We are using that outside energy as a very powerful and potent tool to guide our energy within us. In that way, we are unblocking the obstacles inside us ( our energetical blockages, inner wounds), shifting our energy and consciousness to a higher level.  We feed ourselves on that energetic field around us, and we are becoming energized powerful, and nourished human beings. We see things better, we act calmer, and choose wiser. We become more and more useful to ourselves, to our support team, and to our children.

Reiki is so powerful yet so simple in the healing of anybody’s life and soul. It is not just a tool, it is the way of life towards ease of living. For us, alienated parents, that is the rediscovered life’s “la joie de vivre “.

In a technical sense, to use and receive Reiki, you use the services of a Reiki practitioner. Or you become one. Because everybody can use that energy, and everybody can be a channel for it. That is the power of Reiki. To use Reiki, the Reiki practitioner must go through the initialization process with his Reiki teacher to become a channel for the Universal energy.

I am a practitioner of two levels of the Reiki practice.

Level 1 is for the practitioners who work directly with their clients, mainly through touch. For this physical Reiki healing, a client and his Reiki practitioner are in direct contact. Reiki practitioner lays his hands on the clients ( or very close ), on specific spots, and channels the Reiki energy through him to the client. Once the Reiki energy is called in, it finds its way, first through the Reiki practitioner and then through the client to his parts where such energy is most needed – to soothe and heal the wounded parts, where the emotional blockades are. Once the specific wound is healed, the blocked energy is released, and it flows freely again.

Level 2 is for long-distance work with clients. It is about sending the energy from and through the practitioner to his client, wherever he is. Think of a Reiki practitioner as a transmitter- similar to theone in the telecommunication system. Or like a tuning fork for tuning a client to a higher energy level.

Reiki Level 2 is about access to Universal energy through certain symbols, like keys to unlock the power of that mighty force around us. It is like knowing equations. By unlocking that powerful energy, a Reiki practitioner transmits it to the client, wherever the person is. That is the reason why the practitioner knows the symbols. It is like having a safe deposit box code to unlock it. And that is not all. The practitioner transmits the energy but with a specific purpose. It is similar to Reiki Level 1, when the practitioner positions his hands on the client’s particular spot, but in Level 2, it is done mentally. How? This Reiki level 2 is very interesting to us, parental alienated parents, because at this level, both the practitioner and the client have to join forces together, as a team, and find the client’s wounded spot – in emotional terms. What is that it hurts the client in his particular situation? What was the trigger for him to react in a certain way? What did he feel during his reaction? That means peeling yourself like an onion, layer after layer. So that each layer can reveal a part of you to you. So that you see yourself more clearly and more deeply.  To get to know yourself where it hurts you and how.

The hurt is a certain feeling, particular frustration when you feel anger, resentment, jealousy, frustration, unworthiness, self-shame, self-blame, or any other negative emotion resulting from that emotion and belief of a person not being enough.

And that is actually what is underneath every alienated parent’s story. And that is why subconsciously, we have attracted our alienation story – as a mirror so that we could see our hurts and heal them. And then to go through the story this time having been healed and nourished to find the way out – how to regain our children back through the institutional system and other ways, as well.

That is why my parental alienation situation is Life’s gift to me, to see myself in such a situation clearly.

In technical terms, it means to find the wound and confirm what needs to be healed. Reiki practitioner then works with Universe energy, in order to help the client with his specific issue and his wound. The Reiki practitioner presents the client’s problem in a form of affirmation, request, or/and intention to the Universe’s energy to solve it.

Affirmations, requests, and intentions addressed to the Universe energy are the most valuable gift you can give to yourself as a client. You start thinking about yourself more and more, focusing mainly on yourself, straightening your thoughts, and building awareness about your mental actions and their outcomes for you, what you think, and where that leads you.

Sending the affirmations, requests, and intentions out to the Field is not a request for a particular outcome, not at all. In Reiki, we surrender our problems, our issues, to the Field to help us with them. Like in “a 12-step program “. And the Field knows wisely and precisely what is needed and how. It has a far better solution for all of us, more than what we can imagine. That is the difference between “what I want “and “what I need “. Be brave and have faith. Solutions come when they need to come, not when we think that they should. And our situations/ issues /challenges start to change. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes miraculously.

Because what should be unblocked within us is unblocked and healed, and what needs to be pushed aside was pushed. Once the blocked energy was released we found ourselves free of the pain, full of energy, and courageous to do what needed to be done next. That is what it means to find courage and faith in us to start believing “Yes, I can do it “. And what is more important, from that belief, there comes a voice – clear and sound – which states to everybody around, “This is me. This is what I want.” You are the keeper of your personality. You are the keeper of your authenticity. It is up to you to release that energy. And your authenticity is something that shows up now clearly in your support team, in your courtroom, and in your family, too. That is your authentic self, your clear energy.

In other words, for us alienated parents, we can find the calmness and peace of our mind not to react to vast triggers all around us – our ex-partners, our children, social service, court, and so on. The more we fill ourselves with Reiki energy and clear/heal our wounds through the affirmations, intentions, and requests to the Field, the more we are focused, centered, and calm in finding the way through. Where we were stopped previously, now we have the calmness and energy to try something new and different. Or maybe to another step just before quitting. It is such empowerment to know that you can co-create new solutions for yourself and figure the way out of the parental alienation maze.

Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. ”

Albert Einstein.



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