Ho’oponopono sessions

Now, when you know on a much deeper level why you (re)act the way you do, and how it affects you and your children, the crucial question is why you need me to do the Ho’oponopono prayer for you.

Well, you don’t need me.

If you can do push-ups and squats at home alone, you can do the Ho’oponopono prayer by yourself, as well.

However, for those who can not do it by themselves, regularly and as a way of life, who do not have the strength and persistence to move forward in the desired direction,  I am here, for you.

During your session, we will briefly structure your parental alienation situation. Through prayer, I will encourage you to unblock your pain so that your frozen energy is liberated and transformed into strength and courage.

I will lead you and empower you to move from your role of rejected, alienated parent into a healthier position, and more proactive in your life. Ho’oponopono is not just a prayer, it is a way of life. This is a change of the whole perspective. It shifts not only the stuck energy but also shifts the way you think, feel and operate in the world your live in. It is not only the change of your parental alienation situation, it is the change of your whole you, to be transformed into a higher energetic being.

The light is on you, I am just a helping hand, nothing else.

The aim is that you heal yourself from inside, at your pace, in your capacity, and with your free will to take responsibility for your life in your hands. Stabilizing your inner water is in your power. Use that. There is no more powerful being who can do that than you. Remember, you are that divine spark who came into this life to experience it. And being a parent, you have that beautiful experience of creating the child of yours whom you love endlessly. The same goes for any other alienated person.

Be responsible for the quality of your life so that you can teach your child by example how he can be one, too.


All the Ho’Oponopono sessions are distance healing sessions.


Ho’oponopono Initial Session is an online, in-person, face-to-face session between you and me. The session lasts 60 min. And it is the starting point for any Ho’oponopono session/treatment with me. It includes a discussion about your affirmation/request/ intention you want to state in your Ho’oponopono healing, especially through your Ho’oponopono healing chanting a prayer.


The price is 50 euros per session to be paid in advance by scheduling your session through the booking button.


Ho’oponopono Treatment lasts for 20 min. This is done by the Ho’oponopono practitioner alone, without that online, face-to-face contact, between the practitioner and the client. It is done in the form of the Ho’oponopono healing chanting prayer itself.


The price for the Ho’oponopono Treatment is 25 euros per treatment to be paid in advance by scheduling your session through the booking button.

I will be sending an email to you as a reminder before the treatment and as well as when the treatment is over.

I will be sending an email to you as a reminder before the session and when the session is over.

I am here for any questions you might have. Have faith that help is on the way.



Our time: 2:17am UTC
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