Have faith in your strength

Please look at this video as it is about you.

This is your struggle with your parental alienation mud. Keep moving, keep walking. Do the next step. And the next one. Yes, that’s it. Keep on moving and walking in the direction your heart is leading you, to your children.

Please, use every possible and thinkable help to get there, to breakthrough.

And have the picture, this video, in front of you, every time you think you can not take it any longer. Even though you look at yourself as rather small in your life’s circumstances, know that you are powerful. And that, at the breaking point, where everything looks like “That’s it. I can not take it anymore ” that is your crucial moment, where you will find that little pebble under your feet, which will be your stepping stone to push you forward, where you need to go.

Have faith. And the next wave of your life’s water will get you there. 

With love and respect…



Our time: 9:55am UTC
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