Your wound of an alienated parent is huge. Your wound of a human being is enormous.

You think that you are bleeding because of your child. No. You are bleeding because of yourself.

The truth is, the wound is not about your child. It is about you. It is about you not being able to rise to the challenge of losing the child.

 As if you do not have enough breath in your lungs to stand up and fight for your dearest one.

Losing the child is a challenge. You are the solution.It is all how you (re)act towards the situation.

What is holding you back to inhale properly? What is haunting you so that you do not have the strength to stand powerfully on your feet?  

Because that thought in your head that is preventing you from moving forward is your obstacle. It is your obstacle to move forward with confidence and strength to break through the parental alienation game.

That is just a thought in your head. But very powerful and very real. It came from a feeling, from an emotion – A FEAR.

That is the place, your vulnerable spot,  where you bleed and lose your energy. It is unprotected and unarmed,  therefore visible to others. Not by the naked eye but on the level of the exchange of energy information – how you enter the room, how you speak, how you walk. It is all around you.

Therefore, the most crucial task for you,  in your parental alienation situation, is to find out about your wound, your fear.

You see,  Life throws at us challenges not because it does not like us. It does. What  Life wants from us is that we should become aware that we are mighty beings. Life believes in us that we can do it, and therefore it gives us any possible chance to prove ourselves to ourselves. We meet challenges in our lives to rise to them and live up to achieving our potential in this life. So that at the end of it, we can say, “I have made it! “

YOU ARE STUCK IN YOUR WOUND. You can not go further in your life because you are losing the life’s force, the energy through that wounded spot on you. And that wound is a place where THE ALIENATOR’ HOOK is—his entrance to your life force, where he feeds himself on you, on your energy.

You need to close that rupture down. And you need to seal it from the outside as well as from the inside.

From the outside, you should move away from the alienator -emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  No contact is essential. It sounds easy. However,  it is not.

The alienator sneaked through your wound as a thought in your mind and your soul. That is the problem with that alienator. He does not have to be physically near you to hurt you. He is already in your head. You constantly worry about what he is going to do to you next. In that way, you always play his game and in his field. And you are not at your home, which should be – within you.

Your task is to take care of the wound, of the fear which attracted the alienator to you, in the first place. Because if you heal the wound, the fear, then the alienator will not be able any longer to feed on that spot. HEAL THE FEAR. As a character, the alienator is fragile, without his energy and strength. And when your energy level rises due to the new circumstances – healing, then the alienator’s hook will be unhooked, you released, and the alienator defeated and erased from your life. The case is solved.

Know that your alienation story is about your wounds so healing them is what you need in your life.

It takes courage to do that. And it takes being responsible for yourself, too. The ParentalAlieantionHealing.com is here for you, to support you through the process.

You peel the onion one layer after another —step by step. One wound has many layers. Be patient and persistent.

Underneath every wound, there is one painful emotion that tells one story, either from your past or even before when you remember, from your ancestors (it is written in your DNA). But as long as you feel the wound, the pain is real.

To find your wounds takes insight into you, on the conscious level as well as the subconscious one. If the wounds are on the subconscious level, then more profound tools are necessary which do not take into consideration what we humans see with our five senses.

The holistic techniques, Ho’oponopono and  Reiki are exactly that kinds of tools.

ParentalAlienationHealing.com is all about wounds and support in finding them and healing them.

Through this process, you will not be alone. You will be guided and supported by me. We are like a team, as a fellowship, like Frodo and Sam Gamgee in that movie.  I will accompany you on your way. Because seeing you rise from your challenge inspires me to continue my journey, too.

We are all connected with our stories.



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