For us, alienated parents, it is difficult to understand and accept that our parental alienation situation came to us so that we would finally step back from all the noise of the world and start paying attention to ourselves…to our inner self.

Sometimes, the only good thing that works for us, humans, is eventually the pain that pushes us to start listening to ourselves—our true selves.

Once we realize that our parental alienation situation came to us to heal our inner wounds so that we would consequently be balanced and focused to live our lives in the direction we truly want, our life will finally be back in our hands.

We are driving it the way we want it – CONSCIOUSLY, PURPOSELY, AND ABOVE ALL – JOYFULLY as we are raising ourselves to our fullest potential.

The reason why we all came here, to this life, is TO BECOME THE BESTin EVERY SINGLE ROLE, including parenthood.

By healing yourselves through the ParentalAlienationHealing/ PAH holistic techniques, you will be discovering yourself in such a beautiful way that eventually you will fall in love with who you are becoming.

You will be grateful for all the pain and suffering you went through, which finally brought you to your new self – much wiser, more tolerant, and softer to yourself and consequently everything and everybody around you.

Discovering yourself in such a tender and gentle way through the PAH holistic way of life, I dare to say, is such a gift you are giving to yourself. Finding again joy and happiness in your life is nothing less than a REBIRTH. It is like breathing again after a long, long time.

It is always up to us to build our lives again each and every morning we start living that day – with joy and happiness for creating what we truly want for ourselves. And for our dearest ones.

Showing you HOW TO is my mission.

Accepting the invitation is your decision.

We are both here to be responsible for digging out the treasures of our lives. Would you be joining me for that ride?

“I promise you nothing less than miracles”.

dr. Joe Vitale


Our time: 1:46am UTC
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