What is parental alienation?

I believe that many of you who have found this web page already know what parental alienation is. And that many of you have been or still are in your parental alienation story. By now, you know what kind of horror that is. Even though we may differ in how we see precisely what parental alienation is, we all want the same – to be parents to our children, to take care of them.

For those who do not know what parental alienation is, I am happy for you and your children. I am glad to see that you do not have such a situation in your life.

You are meeting me on this web page. You are meeting me as a person, as a parent, and as energy. I want to show up the way I am, and I want to make a clear statement of what I stand for. In that way, it is clear to you who you have in front of yourself. And it is clear to you who will be your guide through this Parental Alienation Healing.

Here, on this web page, I communicate my message to the already well-informed audience about that alienation. And that audience is proactive in trying to find a way out of this nightmare.  

I want you to understand what this web page is about. It is not about selling and buying. It is not about products. It is about understanding the parental alienation story – what is exactly happening to us.

It is about telling a story about HEALING. Here, on this page, I will focus more on healing those who SUFFER from parental alienation situations. It is about you to be again on your feet again, this time differently – rooted deeply into understanding WHAT has happened to you and WHY. And HOW that insight can again be a new step towards joy and happiness in your life, this time full of new courage and faith to do what is in front of you – Yes! Your beautiful and wonderful life. A life full of respect and love for yourself and your loved ones, beyond anything you have experienced so far, given that PAH healing is the way you will fall in love with who you become …

For those of you who do not know what parental alienation is, I suggest you meet me on my other web page – www.LifewithAlienatedChildren.com. There, I teach in detail what parental alienation is, and what a life with alienated children looks like. I explain it from the point of this visible world, which we sense through our five senses. It is a collage of information and knowledge about parental alienation mixed with my emotional expressions of love for my children and a newfound love for myself. Because my parental alienation situation led me to something that I had forgotten to do – to love myself first and unconditionally.

So, what is parental alienation?


I will go straight to the point. In this visible world, I will call parental alienation the right name – it is family violence.

My definition of parental alienation from the web page and blog www.LifewithAlienatedChildren.com  is following:

Parental alienation is a consequence of family violence done by one parent against the other parent through psychological abuse / psychological manipulation of their children.

Repercussions of psychological abuse/manipulation are that children emotionally and then physically reject that other parent, once their beloved parent.

The abusive, alienating parent aims at only one thing – to exterminate, remove, erase the other parent from the lives of those children.

The abusive and alienating parent does this systematically, continuously, deliberately. And, above all, targeted.

There are two victims of this act: the abused/alienated/target parent and the children.

There is only one abuser: the alienating parent – the parent who abuses.

Psychological abuse of children through the process of parental alienation is a crime. As such, it must be prosecuted by official institutions/authorities.

Very clear and straight to the point.

Let me pinpoint this.

Parental alienation is a consequence of family violence. Such family violence comes out of intimate partner abuse done by one partner towards the other partner …

That would be difficult enough per se if it is only that. But when the abusive partner, in that intimate partner abuse, includes in that personal war and vendetta their children and brainwashes them against the other parent – the target – then we have a clear parental alienation situation.

All the behaviors of the abusive partner are in the service of destroying the other partner. It is a form of sheer terror. All the behaviors of that abusive partner, who is also an alienating parent, have a form of family violence against the alienated and abused parent and their children. The abusive partner, the alienating parent, uses the children as ammunition for the battle; they are not the prime target, not even the main character in this movie. The prime target is the other parent, the alienating parent.


I have already stated that  I would call parental alienation a “hostile taking over of alienated parent energy “.

The real gold is the energy and the attention of the target parent. 


How is it possible to take over somebody’s energy? 

Very simple – by the sheer power of thought. All human thoughts are energy in a move towards a destination – a target. And when the energy reaches its destination, a target, it acts upon its target. The energy changes its target, influencing it in the direction the thought wanted. That is scientifically proven.

Thoughts can be positive or negative. If they started because they were initiated because of a relationship conflict, thoughts can be a reaction in negative way. If they are negative, they can change and affect the goal in a negative way. This is also scientifically proven.

The thoughts can be so negative, that they can act as a vicious mental attack on the other person. Such thoughts damage a targeted person remotely and can even influence and program the target person for self-destruction. This verb – TO PROGRAM – is the most important word and verb for parental alienation as it describes WHAT is happening and HOW is happening. And WHY. 

Let’s put that into the parental alienation situation. 

This is a real crime story.

Parental alienation is about hostile taking over of the target parent’s energy.

The alienating parent is conducting hostile taking over the energy of the alienated, target parent. 

It goes this way.

In any relationship, two people exchange love emotions between themselves. Those love emotions are positive energy both partners live on, as energy supply for each of them in their joint life. If they have children, the exchange of energy flows between all of them. The flow of love emotions, ( emotion= energy in motion ), is the life force for any person in the family.

That changes in situations of conflict and especially in relationship termination between the grown-ups.

The relationship conflict between the parents triggered something in both of them. Even though the conflict is between the two grown-ups the alienating parent reacts towards the target parent through a third party – through the children. The alienating parent reacts in a hostile way – sending triggered negative emotions to the target parent – directly and through their children. The alienating parent imprints in the children, in their minds, his thoughts about the target parent and the conflict. In such a way, he changes children’s thoughts and consequently their behaviors toward the target parent. The alienating parent took the children his hostages, without the consent and consent of the other parent, the alienated and targeted parent, of course. And made them little soldiers for his army. And they now are turning on the alienating parent in a hostile way. So, the alienating parent is under a vicious attack from his children, too.

This situation is called “hostile taking over somebody else’s mind” – first of the children’s. 

What such parent changes is the children’s positive energy flow towards the alienated, target parent who once was the children’s beloved parent.

We would say that the alienating parent BROKE THE EMOTIONAL BOND between the child and his once-beloved parent, now alienated. 

If you are an alienated parent this is your story.

The bond between you and your children has been broken. You no longer have access to the energy of the love from your children, the life supply for yourself, and the life supply for your children, too. Because parental alienation is exactly that. Not being able to care for your children anymore you feel threatened. And you start to fear.

By sending hostile thoughts in your direction, either directly or through your children, the alienating parent does it without any mercy. Why? In a relationship, people exchange energy between them. In the relationship between two parents that positive energy is called love. Because there is no longer love between the parents, therefore alienating parent can not feed himself on those positive emotions and positive energy any longer. He is left with none. And he starts to fear that he will not have enough energy supply for his life. Therefore he snatches the children only to himself – to become his property only. He does not want to share them with you thinking that what he was left with is not enough to survive. That is life-threatening in his head as access to your energy is no longer possible for him. He doesn’t want children to waste their energy on you. He wants their energy all for himself. And therefore he manipulates children to reject you. So that you would not have access to them, to their beautiful life energy called love.

And not only that.

He does not want to see you only suffer. He wants to destroy you in all ways. Even by inventing new paths toward you – mentally.

And you feel as if he is in your head, remotely controlling every thought of your parental alienation story. And you start reacting with your thoughts, too – as reaction and self-defense. And in that way, he operates with you, your actions, reactions, and everybody else around. He operates with your energy, with your life’s force. And he doesn’t do it in your favor. You feel as being under a constant mental attack, non-stop. That’s how much parental alienation stories are draining for every single target parent. That is why parental alienation is so exhausting in emotions.

This mental violence has dreadful consequences for the alienated parent.

An alienated parent most likely suffers from depression, anxiety, self-blame, guilt, unworthiness, addictions, mental disorientation, and de-focus. In total, the collapse of life strength leads to possible suicidal contemplations and maybe attempts. Every scientific research about parental alienation supports this. (Recent research state that 47 % of the target parents contemplated suicidal thoughts just in the last year. )

In children, among other damage, abusive patterns of parental alienation behaviors lead to the psychological splitting of such a child. Such a condition alters the child’s state of mind and psychological structure. Children behave that way to survive the constant terror and psychological demands of the abusive & alienating parent and the mental terror of his thoughts, to reject the other targeted and alienated parent. The children, in the end, must save themselves and adopt non-healthy patterns of accepting that reality. And in that state of mind, our children grow up becoming such adults. Unfortunately, they are frozen in that state of mind sometimes for years, decades, maybe until the end of our lives. And theirs.

What a tragedy!

And what is more, the tragedy might repeat itself in the next generation, most likely!

There are generations of people lost in the vicious cycle of parental alienation.

For details on parental alienation behaviors and their outcomes in this visible world, please visit my other site www.LifewithAlienatedChildren.com.

On this site, I would like to focus entirely on you and how to heal from the consequences of your parental alienation story. On this web page, I will explain things even more profoundly than this visible world we see and feel through our five senses.

In this deeper world, unseen to the naked eye but measured with scientific proof, everything is about energy and the exchange of energy.

To save yourself from such a deep hole you feel stuck in, you need to go inside yourself and find the wounds where the alienating parent put his hooks to attach you to himself (in energy terms ).

Where is your weak spot? Where is your energy leaking?

It is all about your energy, your thoughts, your intentions, and your (re)actions. Because that creates your world. And that is, when guided consciously and wisely, the unbelievably potent power in your hands. You are not a helpless and powerless victim of your life. This time, you can do things differently and mighty to not only ease the hardship of your current life but create such astonishing beauty in it. In that role, you are very potent. By consciously working with yourself, through very powerful holistic Parental Alienation Healing / PAH techniques, you can understand what makes you stronger and wiser to rise to the challenge of your parental alienation situation. But above all, calmer, much calmer. You do not react to the triggers of the alienating parent and his helpers. You are at peace with yourself and centered. And consequently, proactively work in your favor and the favor of your child – to be his parent again, his beloved mum or dad.

Parental alienation is AN AWAKENING CALL TO INTROSPECT YOUR INNER WORLD of choosing wisely this time and honoring yourself in what you really stand for. And walk your path gracefully and powerfully into the direction of your heart – where your children are. That is what you have been born for – to be their mother or father – to love and be loved. Because what you send out to the Universe it will always, always come back to you.

With love and gratitude…



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