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Once I had a family. I had two beautiful and wonderful sons. And I was joyful and happy. Because I loved and was loved.

And everything collapsed when I started to think that my sons stopped loving me. My love story with my ex-partner I had finished earlier and I closed that chapter of my life with a final sealing. But to lose the love of my sons? I could have not borne it.

When we think that we lost the love of our dearest ones, that is when we lose ourselves. That is where we start to program ourselves for destruction. That is where we harm ourselves enormously and lower our energy. And we become prey…where the others play a role in our own torture.

I am thinking this way:

If I believe that I have lost the love of my sons – I can change that belief of mine and I can win their love back. Everything is in my head.

I refuse to be a victim. I do not like that role. I do not feel helpless. After all, I am a Lioness. You are, too. Lioness or a Lion, I mean.

We are all born to be happy and free… free from others and from our own mental tortures in our heads…what we think and what we feel…and therefore consequently react…thinking that the whole world is against us. Instead of minding our own business and just loving ourselves and our dearest ones.

I decided that I would clean myself of any negativity I have created and I have allowed in my head and consequently in my life. I left my hyenas and my predators to the courtroom and other institutions and decided to take into my own hands the well-being of my own mental health.

I started searching for spiritual help to wash that negativity away. And of my children, too because we are connected.

All the spiritual techniques I used were helping me enormously and I started to feel much better and much lighter. That led me to a feeling of freedom, happiness, and deepness I have never felt before.And connectedness with my children in such a profound way that I have never been aware of in our earlier days. My motherhood exploded in such a way that any dimension could have not explained it. It could be measured only with the explosion of a black hole into the light and life.

Now I can not recognize myself as a mother and as a human being, that much I transformed myself into New Self.

That means recovering from trauma. That means thriving from it.

Trauma is our own wounds revealed by outside triggers. It came to us to be healed, once and for all.

The trauma came back to us from days of our childhood, from our society, or from a long, long time ago – from our ancestors and as such being imprinted and carried in our DNA.

The provoked trauma is now the opportunity to finally solve a certain issue that is hiding underneath the specific wound and themes that should be addressed accordingly; our resentment maybe or jealousy? Maybe feeling loneliness or abandonment and rejection? Whatever is beneath the wound, now it is time to clean it and purify it, with love and light. It is time to heal it.

Every single spiritual technique does it in such a profound way that it is amazing, That is how the Parental Alienation Healing / PAH techniques work as well. That is how I want to support you and that is how I want to empower you. So that you rise and shine again to your highest self, that you beam out what is born again inside of you– pure joy and happiness – your newfound „la joie de vivre“.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a human being free from his own mental obstacles which are holding him back from the beauties of his whole life, and not only from his parental alienation story. Because all the wounds you are going to heal with me will be healed for the other aspects of your life, too. You are here, on these pages, because we have something in common. That is alienation from our children. Healing that story and thriving from it, your whole life will flourish. Because you will shift your energy from this trauma into a higher level of energy state and you will liberate your life energy for the other aspects of your life, too.

Being a winner in trauma is an awesome thing. That brings joy and happiness into your life, again. And being on your feet again means walking your path holding your head up,  beaming your light out.

There is nothing more powerful than feeling the sun on your face again. And knowing that there is a whole life ahead of you…

Full of love and happiness…


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