“Finding joy and happiness, again in a life of an alienated parent, is nothing less than a RE-BIRTH. It is like breathing again after a long, long time.”

Just being, breathing, and not feeling pain is an awesome thing to experience. Parental Alienation Healing services can take you there s well as the knowledge you gain by reading my web pages. Once you become aware that you can use natural and accessible energy and wisdom from the Field around us which empowers us, support us and guide us, you will feel relieved. Because you will know that you are not alone anymore, that there is something you can count on to hold your back, everywhere and anytime you need it. And all of this is a matter of quantum physics scientifically proven in the last century. Yes, that long!

The beauty of that knowledge lies in the fact that no matter whether you believe in it or not, the Field is there – existing. Like gravitational force. You are influenced by it whether you want it or not. Whether you believe in it or not. That simple it is.

So why don’t you use it to your advantage?

Because such energy and wisdom of the Field can change your life forever in such a beautiful and powerful way that you will never look back to where you are standing now. You will just want to walk your path with that new life companion who supports you in a way incredibly unknown to you so far. That new companion shifts your perception of who you are and what you can achieve, with your life, to a completely new dimension.

The potential in that energy and its wisdom is beyond anything you and I have met so far.

We can use it as a mere technique or as something much wider – a way of life. Because it can help us heal and grow into a person far beyond the version we have allowed ourselves so far to be.


What can it do for us, in our lives, in our parental alienation situations?

That energy can help us CLEAR our INNER WOUNDS, helping us HEAL. In order to be grounded again, firmly and steadily, so that we can successfully go through anything we have to experience in our lives.

It is such a relief and newfound joy in life.

But what is more, it is the faith that when the next round of the pain comes, you know how to deal with it knowing that you can bear it.

Again and again and again.

And with that faith, a new way of breath comes into your life. You breathe more deeply and profoundly, with new strength in your heart.

You feel that new self – more vibrant, more alive.

And newfound courage is beaming out as a huge lighthouse guiding your way through.

Such courage is an invitation to a possible new action, to your next step FORWARD.

You start believing that this time it is possible to break through. Finally and once for all.

It is the NEW BORNE BELIEF that not only that this time things DEPEND ON YOU and that you are no longer a victim of external factors, but you know WHAT AND HOW. You know that everything will be fine. And you know that deeply, from your heart and your whole body.

Parental Alienation Healing / PAH holistic services will guide you through that.

And as the result, you will EMBODY the courage, strength and will to act. It will become visible, it will show off in whatever you will do.

You will become AUTHENTIC as the knowledge and the feeling will be STORED deeply within you.

And being authentic you enter your courtroom or any other room; with the new courage, strength and wisdom to do the things this time differently, knowing that everything will be fine, for you and your children, too.

Because, you know now that from the beginning, it was all about you, and nobody else.

From the beginning, It was all about how you EVOLVED into somebody you always admired but you did not dare to believe that person might be you.

Breaking through is the scariest thing you must do in order to become that NEW PERSON. Because you play with your DISBELIEF IN YOURSELF. But there is nobody there as your enemy, except that scarry fog mirroring your emotions of disbelief in you.

Purifying your wounds, setting your borders and demystifying your fears (which are your true life’s obstacles) – that is all that Parental Alienation Healing / PAH holistic services will do for youwith you in order to guide you and support you on your way when breaking through obstacles.

That ONE STEP FORWARD, that crucial step forward, which changes everything in your parental alienation situation, is your BREAKTHROUGH.

It is your „TO BE OR NOT TO BE!“.

And with the help and guidance of the Parental Alienation / PAH services, you will DARE TO DO IT.

It looks giant step but you are already standing on the shoulders of a giant before you – YOUR OLD SELF who got you up to this point in your life. The old self was courageous enough to start this journey. Like Frodo and Sam from that beautiful movie. The old self and THE NEW SHY SELF – together side by side. The process of BECOMING a somebody new is never an easy one.

I am an innocent bystander who has the privilege of watching you grow. Like a mother watching a child. And it is beautiful how you have done it so far. It is absolutely pure joy watching you grow to become your own hero. For yourself and for your child, too.

Because no matter if the child sees you or not, he feels every step you take, as your energy flows towards him far, far away, giving to your child the strength and courage he desperately needs in his little world, too.

Because you two are connected. You two have always been. Only the old wound of rejection and abandonment stood in your way leaving you hurt and resentful. You radiated that to the world, and your child as well. Rejection breeds rejection. By cleaning that wound, you no longer react to external triggers. You feel free and light. And there is the confidence that you can deal with all the other problems that come your way.

That BRAVE step forward, that breakthrough, makes everything visible – your wisdom, your trust, courage, strength and above all your faith in yourself – all that put together as a powerful machine.

Sometimes the breakthrough is rough in action, and sometimes it’s like the butterfly’s gentlest move. Because this is not about physical strength … but mental. It begins and ends with just one thought – YES, I DARE!

Yes, that brave step forward, that breakthrough, makes everything possible.

Because only by daring, we break through our IMAGINED FENCES we have put them up in our lives. It is our responsibility to acknowledge them. It is our responsibility to break through them. Parental Alienation Healing / PAH holistic services are here to support you every step you do. 

Because at the end of our lives we will regret the most – that we didn’t do it. And we will know then that everything was possible to us now.

We just didn’t dare!


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