Revealing yourself to yourself

Life is given to us to find ourselves… discover ourselves…and enjoy ourselves…the way we are.

That is our mission on this planet, Earth.

Do you want to discover yourself?

Then reveal yourself to yourself…like when you are peeling the layers of an onion, one layer after the other one.

It takes your whole life to do that job.

You can enjoy it


hate it!

It is up to you!

Our parental alienation situation did not come to us because we made a mistake. It did not come to us as a punishment either. It came to us as an awakening call to realize how we react to life’s circumstances, how we make life’s choices, and how we grow out of life’s difficulties.

Parental alienation is a chance to lift ourselves to an entirely new level of our lives if only we are brave and above all responsible to ourselves to take giant steps in our development as decisive human beings.

Introspection, patience, and tenderness towards our vulnerability are essential if we want to come out of our deep, dark hole.

Focus is entirely on us how we see our role in this situation and consequently how we are going to act. And what choice we will make.

We are not powerless. THE POWER IS IN OUR MINDS, IN OUR THOUGHTS. That is where the battle is. Revealing to yourself what is in your mind and thoughts is what you are beaming out into the world.

Whatever you send out, you will receive back. And if you are not aware of what you are beaming out, you will be surprised when it comes back to you.

Parental alienation situation is a big mirror of what we became and how we (re)acted. And if we do not like it, it is our responsibility and power to change it—it is nobody else’s.

It is entirely up to us to rebuild the ruins of our life again.

It is entirely up to us to rebuild the ruins of our life again.

We built it the first time. In doing that we were full of strength and full of enthusiasm. This time is even better. Because we already know how to do it. And we know how mighty we are when creating life. This is our beauty. And how our loved ones are precious to us.

It is about time that we find out how precious we are to – ourselves. Because that is the mystery we were given to discover during our time on this planet.

Let’s not waste time anymore!


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