… and trust the process while surrendering yourself…

Who to trust will help us when we feel so alone and desperate?

After we were being so many times blamed, humiliated, rejected, and punished, it is difficult to believe that the next round of the same will not come our way.

The most challenging issue to work with, we have, is trust. And consequently surrendering to it. That beautiful blessed feeling when you know that something will work for you, that someone will cover your back and that you finally can relax and enjoy your little life.

Trust and surrender are two twins, inseparable. Without trust, there is no surrender. And both of them could be topics to work with through the PAH holistic techniques because the root of distrust lies down in the feeling of rejection and abandonment, most likely from childhood. If you are an adult child or you experienced the feeling of being abandoned by one of your parents in those early years, you will spend your whole life trying to find that missing security of what should have been a warm family home.

As an adult child, when you were a small child, you had to meet the needs of alienating parents, making sure you missed the explosion of his disapproving anger. Or if one of your parents wasn’t with you during your childhood, you most likely fulfilled his role in your family, and you weren’t simply the child you were supposed to be. Either way, you felt alone because your child’s needs were not being met, and you also lacked the stability for two mature parents to take care of you. So you’ve grown up with the feeling that there’s no one you could ask for help with any burden that got in your way.

To ask for help is to trust that a helping hand will be there when you need it.

With the knowledge of the Field, the Messages from Water, and many holistic techniques, including Reiki and Ho’oponopno, you know now that you are not alone in this world.

You know, and you feel that you are taken care of.

The only thing you need to do is to ask for help.

That is why you use the Parental Alienation Healing / PAH holistic services.

Just ask the Field a help, and it is going to be answered to you.

So many times that was scientifically proven.

It is going to be given to you according to what you need at that moment.

The answer will come through that tiny voice in you, your Messenger. And through the opportunities that lie ahead of you, in your real, visual, and real life. The answers will be right in front of your nose.

Give that chance to the Universe to give you that gift you deserve. Just give it a chance that the Universe finally works for you. Because that is what the Universe is happy to do, it is its pure joy and happiness – to give blessings from the Sky.

Place everything in its hands, move aside and trust the process.

While doing that, if you start doubting your luck ( what if…what if…what if…), just say the most precious words and lessons from the Messages from Water:

Love & Gratitude

And the doubt will go away. Keep repeating them because those words will smooth the stirred water your doubt has started creating inside of you. The words will calm it down. When calmed down, you will not beam out the feeling of mistrust to the Universe sending signs that you are not ready to accept its gifts.

Because the Universe will never ever go against your will.

The Universe has given you free will as your birthright. And, it will always provide you with the best option to rise to your full potential, no matter how that chance looks to you.

So let the process work.

Surrender yourself.

Get out of your own way.

Fear, inadequacy, and mistrust speak from your feeling of early childhood abandonment.

You are no longer that child.

Those feelings do not longer serve you.

And if you’re on this site, you’ve reached out to seek help. Bravo! Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

Know that the Universe will always grant you what is best for your potential. That does not necessarily mean that what you’ll get is what you have ordered for yourself. Accepting sometimes „No“ for an answer, and doing it with grace and dignity, is a sign of inner maturity and wisdom of trust in that Universe.

Because if we are made of stardust and part of the same cosmic system, then the Universe wants us to be lookalike — to be bright and shining like those stars …

Who would not like to have a such destiny?



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