Multiplied power of intention

“The intention is the driving force of our lives. It is the kicking starter of any action.  For good or for bad, it is always a fire in our chest. And definitely a compass for the action in a certain direction.”

If my intention comes from my pure heart, its outcome is always creative and constructive. And positive – above all. It is a promise I give to myself. A promise that I will do what I intend to do. And if my life’s energy is free and flowing, it will back my intention up to materialize it in this real world. I will live in coherence with my heart, and I will enjoy the blessings from the Universe. That means living in the flow. And in abundance.

Our inner energy always backs our intention up. And if a trauma blocks the energy, we need help to move that energy again, to flow again. And such help comes from Reiki and Ho’oponopono to push the stagnant energy forward to be used again to fuel our lives.

Equally beautiful is when such help comes from a group of people. When it comes from like-minded people who believe in you and the healing aspect of love for another person. When such a group backs you up with their energies, results multiply. It is like an energy bomb. It measures not in the number of people who join in the group, but it counts in hearts, in those thousands and thousands of sensor units each heart has ( One heart has over 40.000 sensor neurites ). It is like a positive atomic bomb that removes every possible obstacle in your way. That powerful it is.

To have such help from a group, to set your intention up and send it to the Universe to be fulfilled and materialized in the real world, is a mighty healing tool on your side.

For the people in the group, it is enough to be human. They do not have to be healers or experienced in meditations. It is enough that they sincerely wish to help you and believe that they can do it in such a way.

Such group experiments in intentional healing are even scientifically proven. International bestselling author Lynne McTaggart wrote about this in her books The Intention Experiment and the Power of Eight. She wrote about how group intentions healed lake Biwa in Japan when she was doing the water experiment with the Japanese scientist dr.Masaru Emoto. And she gave me an idea for my Parental Alienation Healing Intention Groups.

Two blessings are coming from such groups.

The first one is to be backed up by a group of people who believe in us. It is such a blessing from the Sky that somebody believes in us, us being alienated parents. And what is more important, nobody is blaming us for anything. It is such mercy that lifts the spirit of every alienated parent up. It is just enough to be around such a group to pick up their lovely vibes for such parents so that the parent can keep on. But even more potent is when the group helps you set up your intention and then sends it through their hearts into the Universe.

That is mighty. That is powerful. That is huge.

And the Universe hears that as the Power of Love. Love – when somebody is caring for another person in pain. Love – when somebody is acting on behalf of a person who is disabled at the moment because of his pain.

And the Universe responds. Always. It responds not only to the person in need but also to those who cared enough to stand by the person’s pain. It blesses the person as well as the helpers, too. That is known as the mirror effect: when you send intention on behalf of another group member, you yourself get healed. Because to hand out a helping hand means to be human. And to know that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength to endure, no matter what.

An Intention Group is a powerful healing tool I recommend to every soul who feels rejected, abandoned, and alone.

I am telling you  – you are not.

Because there are people who understand you, there are people who know how it is to be in your skin. And who sees in you the beauty of love for your loved ones. And therefore will help to encourage such love to shine like a sun.

That group of people is a group of parental alienated parents getting together. Yes. We are getting together to support each other in this horror of alienation. You could be one of us. Because we, alienated parents, are mighty, either as a single person or as a group. We are enormously potent and have the true power to heal ourselves and others. Because we know how it is to stand alone being blamed and rejected. And we know how to pick ourselves up from the floor, adjust the crown and keep on walking like a king or queen.

Because that’s who we are.

We are the people who transformed our pain into something extraordinary. Our parental alienation made us sensible of other people’s feelings, pain, and suffering. And that sensibility gives us a broader picture. That we, humans, are all equally significant – when we can and when we cannot.

That is the beauty of our trauma. That is the beauty of our pain. And that is the lesson that we all need to learn as human beings.



Please join us – PAH  Intention Group  – weekly sessions link.

There is also a special group – Special PAH Intention Group – for those who can not, at the moment, financially contribute to PAH service but think that such healing is a tremendous help for them. The place in the group is free of charge. Please contact me and I will try to secure a place for you in the group. We are all here in the same boat. 

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