Conscious and subconscious intentions

The intention is the driving force of our lives. It is the kicking starter of any action.  For good or for bad, it is always a fire in our chest. And definitely a compass for the action in a certain direction. 

The most beautiful intention is when it starts directly from the heart. It is pure, positive, and energetic. Straightforward and simple. Creative and above all conscious. You know that this is it.

I want. I can. I am doing it.

Conscious and positive intentions are the most healthy ones. Because they come from the essence of you – your heart. Those intentions are expressions of the love for yourself – your life’s gifts and talents when you are the most beautiful one  – creative.

In those intentions, you are very aware of the possible outcomes. And most likely proud of them.

Conscious and negative intentions are very harmful from the start. They have the energy of a volcano, so eruptive they might be. Those intentions come from a visible wound of the irresponsible owner, who seems not to care about himself enough to heal it. The wound was triggered by an outside event or by an action of another person. The wound’s owner reacted to that trigger by hurting deliberately in his actions that other person did. The owner intended to hurt, to get even because he could not stand the pain caused by the other person’s trigger. But his wound will not go away and will not be healed in that destructive way. Those intentions are the owner’s reactions to the wound, and the owner is aware of what he is doing. The other person’s acts are not important ones. The wound of its owner is. That unhealed wound is calling out, crying out for help – to be discovered and healed. The other person and his trigger are only a mirror of the wound.

We attract from the Universe what we are sending out, what we are beaming out. And the Universe responds. Always.

So, those conscious and negative intentions are in fact very self-destructive, and disrespectful to their owner as he does not care about himself and his wounds.

Subconscious intentions are very tricky ones. They are unaware and hidden. Being subconscious andunaware, they can be mighty and unstoppable in force – they are strong and vicious rulers of our lives. And in order to be recognized, they are calling out triggering specific outcomes in our lives that we consider not to be invited by us at all. We think that the effects of such intentions are most likely mistaken for somebody else’s influences or even considered to be somebody else’s mistakes or even deliberate harm. As if we are driving our life on a two-line street. In one line, we are driving our life consciously and deliberately and in the other one – subconsciously and on a hidden autopilot. And then, when we arrive at the unwanted place, we are not aware of how we got there. And yet, the subconscious intentions are our property and our responsibility.

Subconscious intentions that produce unwanted outcomes that stop us from growing definitely are not healthy ones.

And, as in conscious but negative intentions, we react to something, rather than proactively act. That means that behind a subconscious intention, there is a wound hiding, as well, calling to be healed. And the point is that the owner of the wound can not recognize it at all, he is completely unaware of why he is reacting that way. He is self-sabotaging himself on his way forward, in his growth.

The strength of the subconscious harmful intentions can be very strong and persistent. Being subconscious and hidden, they are very deep and painful. Not being recognized they can drag on forever, harming everyone: the owner of the intention as well as his target. Self-destructive in their nature, they can attract diseases and long life unhealthy habits and addictions. That harmful they can be.

It takes layers and layers of self to peel, to finally find those subconscious and self-destructive intentions which need to be addressed properly. But once the wound under such subconscious and harmful intentions is healed, miracles happen. And a flow of previously blocked energy is liberated. The person feels set free, like coming out of jail to the sun. Because having subconscious (self)harming intentions is like being your own jailkeeper of misfortune. The biggest tragedy is that you do not know that you are the one.

Digging to find the subconscious hidden intention is sometimes like gold-digging. Because when you finally find it, it is a pure treasure. Because you finally get rid of such an enormous waste of time, energy, and life, you can consider yourself to be born again. Re-born. That much valuable that discovery is to you.

Working with Reiki, I found such valuable treasures in my life which were worth almost another life. The more I practice Reiki, the more I am in wonder and respect how the Field works, how simple it is, and how powerful it is.

I bow my head every time I see such a miracle and walk with dignity, knowing that one tiny spark of such Energy is inside me.


Each and every subatomic particle in us constantly moves. It constantly vibrates. And when the rate of such vibration is measured – that it is called a frequency. Everything vibrates – an atom, a molecule, a cell, a body. We, humans, being on a larger scale of the subatomic particles and consisting of many many atoms, molecules, and cells, we vibrate, too.

Each vibration has its unique sound – a frequency. Each human, according to his own vibrations, has his own unique sound, his unique frequency.

Some vibrate faster and some vibrate slower; there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations. When you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy and dark. Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+Hz and the greatest expansion of energy. The vibrational frequency of joy is 540 Hz and is expansive. The vibrational frequency of anger is 150 Hz and falls to contraction. Recent scientific studies have made a miraculous discovery – an audio frequency of 528 Hz exists as the scientific “sound of love”…a specific sound wave that literally spreads love around the world.

If two people have the same frequency we say that they have the same “vibe”, and that they are the same “type”. If they don’t have the same frequency then they are different types. That is how we recognize each other on the energy level and understand each other. Or don’t.

Our thoughts are pure energy and our thoughts vibrate in a certain way, resonating at a certain frequency. Therefore, what is in our thoughts will vibrate in a certain way and will move in a certain direction. To move in a certain direction means to make a choice. The outcome of that choice is an action.

An intention is to make a choice in which direction we will move our energy.Therefore, the intention is the guiding force.

The intention materializes in our life goals and consequently in our actions. What we intend to achieve in our life is what we will get as a result.

Energy, thought, intention, action, outcome, life

In what way we will be driving ourselves can be a matter of conscious choice, or it can be subconscious. The point is that whatever is driving us it can be to our prosperity, our growth or it can not be. If we see that our behavior patterns are no longer serving us or that we are tortured with our negative feelings or even the outcomes of our lives, we can work with the Field to help us. Our intention, as our driving force, can be changed through the work and help of the Field. The Field’s wise energy works with our energy changing it so that we accomplish our growth in life.

Ho’oponopono, as well as Reiki, work nicely with human energies and intentions, both conscious and subconscious. I describe those holistic healing techniques in detail in the articles about Parental Alienation Healing sessions.

By requesting the Field for a certain change in yourself, so that part of yourself, that energy inside of you, is to heal, and by getting it – shifts the whole energy of your being on the next level of your life. You then look from the higher ground to the problem and you see a broader picture. And you know how to address it, how to solve it. It is clear to you what and how you want to continue with it. And experiencing this process and knowing how it works you can go deeper and deeper inside of yourself searching for parts of you that got in the way of your growth ( “peeling your layers of self like an onion” ). And in that way, your start changing and growing, being empowered by the wisdom of the Field. Growing is climbing the ladder of your human potential. How big is the ladder? You can not see the ending…that potential you are. And you have that mighty companion on the way, to hold your back – the Field.


It is up to us to dare to live our lives fuller and richer at its core. It is about being responsible to ourselves so that we will live on this Earth to our full potential. That is why we have come here, to do that job.

Parental alienation is not our natural state of living, of our being. It is rather a mirror to see ourselves clearly. And maybe for the first time consciously, who we really are and how we came here, to this point in our life. Parental alienation is not a punishment but a wake-up call to start to be responsible for ourselves; finding those inner wounds, healing them, and being more aware of what we really want to experience in this life. A healthy life is a proactive life, a conscious living, I would say. Not a reactive life, where we feel like victims of our circumstances in life. When we have lemons we can make lemonade, don’t we?

Use your parental alienation wisely, as a chance to outgrow your difficulties to your advantage – let it be a beautiful mirror where you could see what needs to be healed inside of you so that you are balanced and harmonious and energetical can uplift yourself. And as such, are of better use to yourself, more clear and focused to lead your life, including your parental alienation situation. Uplifting yourself and in such a way changing your DNA in yourself, you will change the DNA of your child so he will change too and the destiny of his life will be different. He is not destined anymore to repeat this sheer horror of alienation. Transgenerational trauma can cease to exist in one healed generation.

Therefore, our intentions should be only the expressions of that divine spark we all have inside, which was given to us as the promise given to us at the beginning of our lives… that we are to be powerful and mighty when creating from the pure and golden hearts of ours.

It is up to us to do the treasure hunt.



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