Power of your thoughts

Now you know how powerful your thoughts are. In both ways – in positive and in negative, too.

And you know how far they can go – infinitely. Even to the Moon, to the stars, to Mars. For thoughts, distance is not an issue. That powerful you and your thoughts are.

I know you want to see that power. Because you are a being of those five senses and you believe only in that. Pity. You are much, much more than you can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste … However, since you need that visible proof of the invisible existence of your thoughts I will give you one. After all, I needed that proof myself, some time ago.

So please, watch this video below.

It will show you how powerful you, as a human being, are. And what your invisible thoughts physically can do in this world where only visible matter matters.

Watch it and then repeat the experiment yourself. It is easy.

Please do it yourself, it matters.

Because it is about you experiencing your power. You have the same power as the person in the video. That is the point.

Please do it. Just one piece of a string and a ring or a nut. That is all you need.

Do it for yourself.

And the whole world will change.

For you and for your child, too.




This video is here for educational purposes. All the rights are contributed to its creator.

“In 1993, Deepak Chopra Showed Oprah the Power of Her Mind _ The Oprah Winfrey Show”

In 1993, Deepak Chopra Showed Oprah the Power of Her Mind _ The Oprah Winfrey Show _ OWN_Moment
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