Messages from Water: Love&Gratitute

A long, long time ago, life started on this planet in water, in the ocean. Every human life begins in water, too, as the amniotic fluid of an embryo. Water is the essence of every living being, as well as human beings. We consist of 70-90% water ( depending on our age ).

How can such a simple thing like water carry such an important thing – like somebody’s life?

Because water is not simple. Because it carries something unseen to the human eye.

In the research of Japanese scientist, dr.Masaru Emoto, water was exposed to the wordsof love, forgiveness, and gratitude, then frozen and photographed. The outcome was amazing. The photographs show the unique beauty in geometry that only Nature can create.


When exposed to such nice words, water, once frozen,  transfers the words into the most beautiful hexagonal water crystals you can imagine. However, when exposed to negative words like “idiot “, “you disgust me”,  or even “Hitler “, water expresses those meanings into very unregular and dispersed structures unpleasant to the human eye.

Water receives information given to it and stores it in itself.

That happens on the structural level, not the chemical level. It is essential to look at the structural form of water as that is where water is communicating with its surroundings. Chemical structure does not communicate in that way; it does not change in that way.

On the chemical level, the water stays H2O, but on the structural level, water molecules are grouped in different clusters/ forms.  That is what forms those beautiful crystals and, consequently, pictures.

Beautiful positive words will create beautiful hexagonal crystals. Negative words will not.

Words are vibrations. As such, words leave traces on water, they change the water. Vibration is just another word for energy. Therefore words carry energy.

Words transmit the energy of their origin –  human thoughts. Thoughts are the ones that send out their vibrations as energy into surroundings either by words or by solo vibrations. We, like our water,  can be affected by those words as well as the energy transmission of thoughts, made in total silence.

Humans are essentially water containers. Human thoughts influence the water in humans, in all of us.

If a person has pleasant thoughts, the energy of his thoughts influences another person’s water. And if at that moment, the person’s water would be sampled and frozen and then photographed, the photo would show the form of beautiful frozen water crystals. And those crystals would show the natural state of a human being – beautiful harmony.

If we want to stay in this state, the things and beings around us must produce nothing but positive thoughts.

The core message here is: Keep your mental environment clean, as the water in you reacts to the negativity around you.

Positive and negative human emotions are the strongest influence on water, increasing the water’s energy level and stabilizing it or reducing its energy. That is one very important point.

And the other one, even more, important is the following:

If the water in a human body assimilates the information from the environment,it may change its characteristics. Positively or negatively, depending on the information it acquired.

When you think about the change in a child’s characteristics, just think about 8 symptoms of parental alienation. It speaks it all!


Now you know how we influence our children as their parents when we raise them.

Now you know how the alienating parent influences your child with negative thoughts and words. He literally imprints his negative beliefs, negative words, and even more – unspoken negative thoughts about you, into the child.

The child doesn’t have a chance to escape the mental brutality.

For all those skeptics who want to know how exactly a parent can brainwash his child to the extent of a parental alienation state, this is scientific proof. And the word “brainwashing “is the actual physical act that his alienating parent does to his child. ( Just to mention that the brain is more than 85% water ).

That child is under a mental attack!

And alienating parent does it systematically, continuously, deliberately, and above all targeted. That is the definition of any emotional abuse.

But the story is even more complicated, I would say.

At the same time, through the bond between a child and a parent, communication between the two ex-partners – parents – is happening. The alienating parent influences the alienated parent in two ways; in their direct communication, between two of them, and through their child, too. How? Influencing the child, brainwashing him, the alienating parent is changing the child’s water. And whatever is happening in the child is happening in the alienated parent, too because the alienated parent’s water is changing, too. ( A little bit later I will talk about two containers of the same water ).

Therefore, the alienating parent does not have to be in direct contact with the other parent, not at all.

The parents communicate through the water of their child and they are doing it long-distance!

By negatively destroying the child the alienating parent destroys his main target – the alienated parent.

The text above should be an essential part of any textbook about parental alienation. In other sentences and other texts on this site, I will go even deeper into this subject.

But first, please continue reading this article to the end.

Our negative thoughts pollute our water – spiritually. To clean our water, Tibetan monks suggest a person should read a mantra or prayer to correct the bad water ( emotionally polluted) the person has inside of him. In other words, to purify his own water and heal himself.

All religious groups have prayers.

Prayer pronounced with love creates a stable harmonic structure in water. Such holy water has a higher energetic level than regular drinking water.

Measuring any religious prayer, it was scientifically proven that such prayer has a frequency of 8 Hz, the same as the Earth’s magnetic field. That means that any prayer tries to tune us back to Mother Nature.

That is what water is trying to tell us by using itself as a medium.

Water with healing words can tune us back to our zero states, divine state, harmonic state – the state we were born in.

Think how that can impact us, who are in a state of shock and trauma. We can heal ourselves to a state of peace and tranquillity to be better for whatever is necessary to do in our parental alienation situation. Healed and centered in our core selves, we are helpful to us, our support team, and our children. Creativity and energy which come from our healed selves are beyond any measure.

What is even more important – water has one other function – to make a bond.

Suppose water, which is from a single container, is divided into two portions. Then only one part is subjected to an outside influence. That changes the water structure in the second portion of the water as well, after a particular time, acquiring the same structure and the same properties as the first portion, even if the two portions of water were significantly distant from each other. Unbelievable!

Furthermore, water has a significant photographic memory. You can imprint the water with very subtle energies even from far away, like 10.000km. Distance is not an issue.

I believe this is very important for us, alienating parents, and for our alienated children, too.

So when remote communication occursby thoughts, two people can tune themselves to the same wave by synchronizing their brains, breathing patterns, and pulses.  That is called the information transmission function. And there is a hypothesis that the body’s liquids play a part in this.

We are connected with our children through our water. We were “one water container” at the beginning of their conception, and upon their birth, we became two separate portions – two bodies.  That means that a parent can influence his child with his thoughts even when the parent is not in direct contact with the child. He influences his water remotely, through his thoughts, because we have the same water in us.

That is the most crucial statement of this site.

As an alienated parent, this is fascinating information for me.

I can influence my water calming it down to the level of its harmonic state. I can influence my children’s water, even though we are physically distant. The power is in my hands. I can change my parental alienation situation through me, through my water.

And this is not near the best part of the story.

Let’s go even further…

It is known that water creates the structure of DNA on the molecular level.

Water structure has a memory of the past, present, and future of each human – through DNA.

DNA carries information about our past. And that the past influences us, humans, in the present state. That past could be from your life or your ancestors’ life.

DNA carries information from your ancestor’s life to you, however, DNA can also be rewritten by new experiences in your present life. That is happening in the structure of your water, where DNA is. It means that such new information is from the influences of the surroundings of your water. Therefore your DNA changes during your time, in your life, and it does not stay the same as it was at the beginning of your life. It changes through your life, according to your exposure to your surroundings and your life’s experiences, and that exposure is happening through your water and its structural changes.

Your water’s informational changes enrich DNA structure during your life, and such enrichment is passed on to your next generation, your children yet to be born. We come from the mother’s egg and father’s sperm which then become an embryo. Our DNA carries all the DNA experiences of our parents as well as parents of their parents, and so on. Our ancestors’ experiences and their unhealed wounds, stored in the DNA of yet to be born child, are waiting for new opportunities in the child’s life to express themselves and heal in that new life. I am going to explain deeper in another article on this site. But just to mention here the Ho’oponopono holistic technique works beautifully with these DNA wounds and experiences of our ancestors, stored in us, to be healed in the present state.

However, at the same time, any change in your DNA structure during your life changes the DNA structure of your already-born children. How? Through the water communication between a parent and his child.

Remember the story of the two separated water portions, which were one container at the beginning!

Our DNA started to change from the first day of our life, our birth, being influenced by our surroundings. And as our DNA changes in us, our water changes in us, therefore the DNA and water change in our children, too.

Whatever you are healing in yourself, in your DNA code,  you are healing in your child, in his DNA code as well!

How powerful water can be, beyond any measure, is pictured in the following:

The water’s structure of each person’s body is identical to the structure of the water in the place where the person was born. Therefore, the internal connection to the place of birth is preserved through life. The concept of homeland is physical, not just emotional.

This water story changes my whole universe and how I think about life in general. And what and how I feel and think about my children, too. I do not feel powerless in my parental alienation situation anymore.

The solution is in me, in my water.


On our planet, water plays a key role in how information is exchanged.

The phenomenon of water structural memory enables water to take an impression of everything around it, connecting all living systems. Each of us is a link to an endless chain of information transmission. In addition, each of us is a source of information because every one of our actions, a thought, an emotion, or uttered words separates from us and becomes a part of the overall energy in that information environment. Or informational dirt, which is poisoning the water and the planet.

Be careful what you think!


Since water makes a bond between a child and a parent then by healing his water first, with beautiful words of the Ho’oponopono holistic technique, a parent can heal the water of his child, too. Consequently, he can heal the child’s mental state, too.

By healing the water inside of himself, a parent is becoming calm and peaceful, less and less reactive to his outside world – his parental alienation situation. Being in such a steady condition, he is vibrating with a peaceful frequency and is beaming it out – long-distance – to his child. The child’s condition becomes more steady and becomes more and more receptive to the nice words of love from his parent. The parent is positively influencing the child healing the negative impact of the other parent. In that way, the alienated parent is steadily returning the child back to himself.

Be consistent in healing your water and keep trusting the scientific proof that it works.

Cleaning yourself from any negativity, you are purifying your water, yourself, and your child, too. In such a state you are stronger for the challenges of your parental alienation situation, you work better with your support team and experts, and make better choices for yourself. For both of you.

However simple, easy, and unbelievable water memory sounds, you must be aware that it has been scientifically proven. And it is scientific fact for the last three decades. If dr. Emoto and Lynne McTaggart, together, with their supporters, can clean the whole polluted lake, with nice words/prayer/affirmation, then you can clean yourself and your child, too. It is up to you – to stay in the role of victimhood or to proactively do unbelievable and maybe radical stuff.

Prove it to yourself! Use the water memory for yourself!

Water memory is such a life-saving technique, for you and your child.

And for the end, according to the Japanese scientist, dr. Masaru Emoto, the word that cleanses water most powerfully, consists of two most beautiful words:

Love & Gratitude

With that in mind, be aware that we are all here to create our world on the planet Earth, not forgetting that we have, from the very first day of our lives, that beautiful divine spark in all of us – mighty and miraculous – imprinted in our harmonic water inside of us.

Let’s use it for our good and the good of our children.*




Knowledge and teachings in this article mainly come from the teachings of two scientists, dr. Masaru Emoto and the Nobel prize winner, dr.Luc Montagnier. And of course, their colleague dr.Jacques Benveniste. For the broader picture, I suggest that you read dr.Emoto’s books on the messages from water as well as the research of dr. Montagnier and dr. Jacques Benveniste. And that you watch wonderful documentaries about the messages from the water.

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