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It is essential to know that your hurt, your wound, is not your fault and that you are not to be blamed for it. Your wound is your life’s experience, not your mistake. What is more, the wound might be inherited through DNA from your ancestors, calling out to be healed in your life. So please stop blaming yourself.

What is important in this story is your wish and will to heal that wound, triggered by your parental alienation situation. To find your wounds, you need to peel yourself like an onion. You need to reveal yourself to yourself –  to be emotionally naked in front of you. Everything is fine with you. You came to this world beautiful and the way you are.  You came to this world to experience Life through certain situations you are going to choose. That is your free will to make decisions with yourself in your life. Sometimes you will be happy with your choices. Sometimes you will not. When you are not satisfied with your life, you can blame your karma, others or yourself. That is the position of a victim. If you want to be a victim and stay in that role, it is your free will. If you want to do something about it, be proactive about your life and your pain. is the right place to start healing and growing.

By now, reading the previous articles, you know that you reacted to specific triggers from your surroundings and became reactive and, consequently, in pain. To start healing yourself through Reiki II, distance healing, it would be good to start thinking about those triggers and therefore, your wounds. We can start from that point. It would be good that you come prepared for your sessions. If it is unclear to you what your triggers are, do not worry, we will discuss them together, which will be our starting point. We will go together as far as you want, as deep as you want to go. It is up to you to reveal yourself to yourself, to peel yourself like an onion. It is you who measures your own progress and where you want to go and be. It is all about you and your observations.

I am honoured that you have chosen me and to be your guide on this expedition. I have a feeling we are going to be an amazing team of explorers. We are in this together, and it is my privilege to stand next to your pain as well as happiness because both poles make you a human

Stay proactive, stay responsible for your life. And keep revealing yourself to yourself. Because what you will find at the end is your core self… which is the biggest jewel in this treasure hunt…


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