The Field

When I, as an alienated parent,  exhausted all the possible ways I could have to return my children, through the institutions and out of the system as well, and when I had been finally defeated as a parent and as a human being, I started to look for something more profound to help me, something, much deeper than this visibleway of life. Being separated from my children, I needed something miraculous to reconnect with them and help them from a faraway – a long distance. I had that terrible urge never to give up and never stop trying to be their mum.

You recognize the feeling, don’t you?

I knew that I had to start with myself first. I wanted to know how I could help myself to be energetic again and full of hope to move forward in the direction I wanted to go. And I wanted to know how, from a long distance, I could help my alienated children, too.

I wanted and needed help for both of us.

The help came to me through the channel of bioenergy. I used it when I was healing my exhausted body and mind. I needed strength and power to rise, to be on my feet again.

By sheer mental guidance of a bioenergy practitioner, without any touch, and me being utterly conscious in my mind, my body was moved across the room without my intention. The practitioner was moving my body only with his thoughts.

For the bioenergy practitioner, that scene as usual. For me – it was unbelievable. I saw with my own eyes and other senses, for the first time, something I was desperately looking for – visibleandphysical evidence of the proof of that invisible Life force that powers us all. The whole experience was astonishing and beautiful. In its beauty, it was simple and easy.  

I felt that the Energy was something alive, very powerful, and very real. Like an invisible being behind and around me. I was curious enough to start using it, and since then, it has been helping me in my life and my parental alienation situation. Something huge, powerful, and beautiful started to hold me back – Universal Energy. You can call it Life Force as well.

I became a Reiki practitioner.

Research journalist, Lynn McTaggart, gave that Energy a broader name.

To explain Life itself, why we act and react as human beings, and how, Lynn McTaggart has gathered scientific research from all around the world, from the most prestigious universities and their scientists. She has gathered evidence about not the chemical reactions but quantum processes that are in every human being and his surroundings. In other words, HOW WE OPERATE AS HUMANS. And what is more important, what operates with us, as a maestro conductor of a well-rehearsed orchestra.

From all the scientific little puzzles every scientist gave to Lynn and explained to her in ordinary language, she constructed the grand Life’s Theory known as  – the Field. The Field was a radical new view of the world, how it works, how we work as humans, and what is most important, how we operate. It is a very radical view of how to see ourselves beyond our physical bodies. If you read her book The Field ( I heartily recommend that you do ), you will never see yourself in the same manner, too.

To make it very simple and short – the Field is the living something around us and within us filled with the invisible energy, free to use and enormously powerful and above all wise to help us lead our lives.

The Field is more potent than we can ever imagine. Everything is stored there; energy, information, memory –LIKE A GIANT WAREHOUSE.

When we connect with the Field, we transfer all that to us. We transfer its energy to fuel us. We transfer the necessary information to guide us. We store our memory there and pick it up when we need it.

The download is happening at the spur of the moment and under certain conditions. Whether to Einstein or us. It is just a matter of being tuned in to ask for it and listen.

We are all equal in that power; there are no chosen ones. And we all can heal ourselves with it.

So how precisely does the Field work for us?

It is all about energy. And it is all about the exchange of energy. As the Field sees it, everything is in a relationship of constant exchange of the energy which floats between us all.

We all exist only through and in such an energy relationship.

That is the most important thing to understand for our parental alienation situations. The Field explains it all and has an answer for it. It is not mystical. It is quantum physics.

How and Why is that?

The explanation goes from the tiny particles of an atom to the whole big thing of a human. It is the same. The size does not matter.

Our energy as humans is produced by energy exchange between our small particles. All particles operate by passing energy back and forth, between them, like in a tennis game. We, as many small particles, exchange energy on that higher and bigger level as humans. We exchange energy as well with our surroundings, other humans, other alive beings, and inanimate beings/things, as well.

Everything has energy. Everything is energy.

We give the energy, and we receive the energy from our surroundings.

That is the reason why we need a relationship with something or somebody.

That is the Essence of Life.

Through the energy exchange between people, the flow of energy is happening nonstop. It is an ongoing dialogue among us.

The energy has the form of waves. And each and every wave has its own song. It has its own unique frequency. When the waves move in synchronicity, like a well-rehearsed orchestra, we say that the system is coherent. The system is in tune and balanced. If we, humans, are coherent in that way if our energy moves inside us in waves that are synchronized, and if there are no obstacles in their way we are balanced and radiant. ( Happy and successful people shine in that way. That is the reason why people like to be in their presence.  To exchange such beautiful energy with them. )

We need that exchange of energy. Therefore, without other people, we can not live. That is the reason why we can not survive being separated, on our own. Consequently, what we see as the biggest threat in life is being abandoned and rejected by others.

That fear is the trigger for any trauma. That was the trigger for our trauma, the trauma of parental alienation, too.

That is the reason why we, alienated parents, are in so much pain. Our pain is not only emotional but physical, as well.

The love we give to our children and the love we receive from our children is that energy exchange.

It is the life essence for our children and us. Being cut off from them energetically is like being cut off from the air we breathe. Because, physically, this is the same.

Our relationship is quantum physics.

When I explain further the connection with our children through water,  in my following article on water memory, it will be even more evident.

The Field around us is not visible, as the air around us is not visible. We can not see it, but we can use it like we use air.

Why use such energy?

That energy gives us life, it has been inside of us, from the starting point of our life.

The Field’s energy supports us in many ways.

It heals the blocked and stuck energy in our bodies, inside of us, the place where our stuck emotions are, where our wounds are. The Field’s energy unblocks such sites inside us. Consequently, the energy is liberated, and the person feels free of the pain. The unblocked energy now can be used to create daily life, and the person feels well and balanced again. The person feels whole again, vibrant and potent, to lead his life from higher ground. The person feels full of life, powerful, and courageous to do whatever it takes next.

The Field’s energy clears the path in front of us for ease of life, every aspect of our life. We still have to do the action to move forward, but it is easier with the help of such energy.

We are not alone, we can call in the Field and use it whenever we need it.

The parental alienation situation is exactly such an enormous wound we, alienated parents, all have. Because of its depth and size, we are so drained and exhausted that we sometimes can not function. With the help of the Field and its energy, we can heal our wounds. We can free our blocked and stagnant energy and feel „normal“ again, full of hope and faith. And with a clear mind about what to do next.

Since everything is energy, since we all move in invisible waves, our thoughts move in waves, too. Our thoughts travel through that giant Field around us to the person we want to communicate with. That is how we communicate with each other.

That person is the target of our thoughts. And that person receives our message on the wave of a subtle exchange of energy. You think of a person, and suddenly that person calls you. There is no coincidence in life. You have produced an outcome of your thoughts – the call.

You are responsible for that.

As simple as that. Miraculous? Astonishing? Yes!


Because the power to create our life is in our hands.

We can communicate in thoughts with our children, too. 

This is how:

We are all connected through that Field. Like we are all connected through the air. The energy flows between us. My energy flows to you right now through my words. You can feel me. You can see me the way I am. I am not hiding. I am talking to you. My heart is touching your heart right now. We are communicating through the thoughts of this article.

So, when we have thoughts, they travel as waves to the target. Small distance or long distance, it does not matter.

For us alienated parents, it is crucial to know the following:

Wherever we are, we are connected with our children, in thoughts, and with thoughts.

We are bonded by the thoughts we are sending into the Universe and out to them. That is a powerful thing to do. That is a powerful connection. We are not helpless. We have the power. We can help our children.

Be careful now.

The thoughts we are sending out are affected by the thoughts we are thinking inside of us. They can not be different ones.

If we’re happy, we are sending out happy thoughts. If we are not…then our children are affected by our unhappy thoughts and our mental condition. We are the parents. We are responsible for that relationship with our children and their well-being.

Now you know how we affect our children with our sadness. And with depression. And with anxiety. And with PTSD…or being angry and frustrated.

Our emotional pain is not only ours, is our children’s pain, too.

Our children feel that huge emotional burden, that stagnance of Life inside of us. It is a huge burden for them, being only children.

To help ourselves out of our emotionally blocked energy, and our wound, we can use the help of the Field. And we can use its energy, its knowledge, and its wisdom. We can ask the Field to help us heal the particular wound we have a problem with. Reiki is particularly good with this procedure. Sometimes that healing is at the spur of the moment; sometimes, it takes some time. The Field knows the best. That is why I say that you need to peel yourself like an onion, layer after layer, revealing yourself to yourself through several steps to see where the wound is, revealing to yourself what that is. You need to observe yourself in your life, find your wounds, name them and heal them, one after another one. And like that through your whole life.

You are your own work in progress.

That task is only yours. And you should be concerned only about yourself and nobody else. Everybody else is not your business. The others have their own healing to undertake. That is why you meet the other person, to react in the mutual situation becoming aware of your wounds in order to heal them.

Their wound – their responsibility. Your wound – your responsibility.

You are that powerful to heal yourself through such holistic treatments. And not only that. You can heal not only yourself, but you can also heal the other person, too. What you can actually heal is your connection, your side of the relationship between the two of you – the situation in between. The moment you heal your part of the relationship ( a situation ), you are liberating your stagnant energy. As you are connected with everybody and everything in the Field, the other person feels the effects of your healing, too as you are healing your connectedness – your emotional bond. That powerful you are.

And that is not all…

We already have stated that you can send your thoughts long distance to the person who is in your mind. You can, as well, collect and send the energy of the Field to that person, too. You can send the energy to your children, too. That is the power of distance healing – it is enormous power.

There are many, many ways how to communicate with the Field. I, personally, connect to the Field through intuition, Reiki, and Ho’oponopono.

With Reiki, I am using it very consciously. I use Reiki as a self-discovering tool, in order to radically change my behavior patterns – whatever stands in my way of growth and is blurring my sight of my life’s prosperity.

With Ho’oponopono, I cleanse subconscious wounds I am not exactly aware of, but I know something has caused problems in my life.

While working with those healing techniques I move out of my path leaving the communication channels open to transfer information from the Field to me. To hear the information, I listen and obey that beautiful and tiny voice inside of me – my intuition.

Intuition is the Field’s Messenger.

Very quiet, very shy, and very tender. It does not want to be intruding.

And I am stepping into action whenever and whatever my intuition tells me to do. “Just do it” is not only for Nike’s fans. When I do that when I pay attention to my intuition, then I live in the flow, and I am awarded a solution how to do something inside of my parental alienation story; how to communicate with my children, my support team, and institutions, how to disconnect myself from my ex-partner’s manipulations, how to stay focused in the process, how to relieve myself from the pain…there are many, many issues I work with within my healing.

What I do in that communication with the Field is what was so difficult previously to think of and do – to surrender. That is the most difficult thing to do when you are a control freak ( ex-me).

To surrender means to have faith that the situation will be resolved in the best possible way for me by somebody else and I am not to control it with the constant fear that something will not work well. I do whatever I think is necessary to do to obtain what I want. But once I have done it, I do not hoover over my situation with the fear that something will go wrong. Or that it can not be done without my further influence. I leave it to the Field to finish it the way it should be. I trust the Field and its process. Because that Field is more powerful and wiser than I will ever become as a human being. ( by the way, I have used Reiki to clean myself of being a control freak, it is wonderful stuff.) ( by the way, I have used Reiki to clean myself of being a control freak, wonderful stuff.)

Using the Field’s energy and wisdom, making it work for my own good, unblocking my stagnant energy in my wounds, and sending that energy as pure power of love to my children is the best life decision I have taken for myself. And for my children, too.

The Field and its blessed energy empowered me to feel connected with my children in such a profound way like never before. Like I have discovered an entirely new depth of my motherhood. It is not only about serving my children as a mother. Holistic healing became a completely new dimension in my motherhood making me able to empower my children beyond any measure that I could have imagined, empowering myself first.

I am grateful for this Life’s miracle. I am totally in wonder and I respect what Life is. How powerful Life is and how powerful I am as a human being and as a mother. And I am grateful to Life for allowing me to become a mother and allowing me to learn how creative in that love I can be.

The Field is creation; it is the pure energy of Life; it is love and light. And it always empowers its human receiver – whether it is you or your children.

With the help of that Field, I was empowered to the point that I knew that “Yes, I can do it “, whatever was in front of me. And from that moment on, I was looking forward to every new situation. And I still do these days. Because what is coming to me is not a problem anymore… but a riddle whose answer is leading me to a higher level in my life. My next step.

Please read Lynne McTaggart’s books, especially if you do not believe in this and still feel too small on this planet to play your roles gracefully and powerfully. That is the only advice I have for you. The books are fantastic, they are brilliant. After reading them you will never ever be the same again.



The knowledge comes from Lynne McTaggart’s course on the web platform „Sounds True“ and her books. I mixed it with my understanding of the parental alienation situation.

For reference to specific scientific experiments which scientifically prove distance healing, please read particular chapters of Lynne’s book The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond. They are full of examples of who, what, and how it works. And how that can be used to our advantage.

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