Wounds are hurting you… as well as when somebody is crossing your emotional borders.


When somebody trespasses your emotional borders, he does that without your permission, leaving you frustrated and angry. And most probably, that person is not even aware that he is doing that. You are the one who did not secure your emotional borders with a fence. You did not put the sign “Do not disturb “. That is your fault. What is more,  you may have even apologized to the intruder for his trespassing.

Your emotional borders are your responsibility. How else will the others know that they are entering your kingdom, where only you are the king or the queen?

It takes two things – to know what you want and to respect yourself to stick to that knowledge.

Respect for yourself comes from love for yourself. And out of that comes that question, “What do I want to experience for myself in this particular situation “? What do I want to experience on purpose, proactively in this situation?

It took us all the way up in our lives, to experience our parental alienation and the pain we did not want to feel so that we would finally ask ourselves that question.

What is that I want to experience in any life situation?

Put yourself in front of a blank paper with this question, and you will know how difficult it is to answer it.

The issue here is to be proactive in life, knowing “what ” and then “how to” but equally “how not to “. It is all about PROACTIVITY in life.

To know your borders, you need to go inside of yourself, to become quiet and distant for a moment from this outside world. And you need to pay attention to that tiny little voice that whispers inside of you – to you. And you need to trust that voice that is important enough to be heard. THAT VOICE IS YOU, and you matter.

In the beginning, it takes forced perseverance and endurance to do so; to listen to that voice. However, with the help of holistic techniques, Ho’oponopono, and Reiki, it becomes your more and more natural state – because it is.

Borders are your responsibility. Standing up for yourself builds stamina to walk your path.

And it does not have to be in a loud or defensive way. Quite contrary.

It can be very quiet, peaceful, and soft. However, it can move mountains. First of all – yours. That is how much it is powerful. Because by standing next to your borders, you learn not only to PROTECT yourself but to RESPECT yourself. You are a decent human being no matter what you ask for in this world. It is your decision what you stand for, it is your rule and the outcome of your life. You pay for that bill.

Standing in the middle of parental alienation situations, we might feel as if everybody walks all over us. And that we did not deserve it. But as long as we start to be aware that we don’t like it anymore, it can be a new beginning for us.

There is no bigger power in life than respecting and loving yourself stating this in a way to protect yourself. You know who you are and what you want.

The PAH holistic techniques, Ho’oponopono and Reiki, can teach you to START THINKING what you want next time DIFFERENTLY. And they give you the strength to stand by that statement. And they give you the courage to state it.

KNOWING WHAT IS THAT YOU WANT IS YOUR LIFE’S MISSION. That is why you experience this life so that you would know the answer to THE TWO MOST ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS in your life:

What is it that you want to experience? And what is it that you do not want to experience?

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the questions. You could be surprised how natural it becomes to protect your borders once you find love and respect for yourself – something that you have forgotten to do for such a long time.


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