Reconnecting and Rebonding

Breaking through gives us courage and freedom. Like we are finally becoming alive and vibrant. Because enormous stuck energy behind the blocked wounded emotions is finally set free. And we feel as if we could conquer the world. As if we could stand on top of the world.

Once we break through our mental (dis)beliefs, the released energy supports us to step into action in any direction we feel we must go.

And we do it with the newfound power, focused and steady, through anything we need to go through. We become clear in our heads and our actions.

CONSEQUENTLY, we are brave now to BREAK THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM. Because we dare now, we realize we can and we easily do it.


We know what has happened in our family, we know what we want now and as being balanced and in harmony with ourselves, we easily communicate that truth. And it shows in every word we say.

And the doors open, finally. It is simple, just by REARRANGING and by SHIFTING our INNER ENERGY, that’s how easy it is. And how miraculous that is.

By rearranging and shifting our inner energy, we re-arrange the magnetic Field around us. And it responds differently this time. What energy we beam out, in the Field, reacts immediately vibrating with the same frequency. What we send out, it will get back to us. This is the Quantum Law, pure physics.

Therefore Parental Alienation Healing / PAH holistic techniqueswork with you and on you with your inner wounds, to heal them and consequently shift your energy onto the higher vibration so that you receive the Universal response on a higher level, too.

Believe it! Try it!

What is the primary goal now?

It is To RECONNECT with our child and what is more important – to REBOND with him.

Because the alienating parent attacked that precious thread between the two of us – THE BOND. The bond is what we need to recover and to heal between the two of us.

In that relationship, only one person is a parent and grown-up. And that person is responsible for that job. Always. The parent is responsible for recovering the broken bond. It is his duty and his responsibility. However, it is something more, much more.

It is his chance first to discover and then to reveal himself to himself – as a person and as a parent, too. This is his second but new chance to discover what kind of parent he is and how different this time he can be. That is a pure blessing from the Sky. Because being cleared by the most powerful energy on Earth – the Life Force from the Field, with the help of the ParentalAlienationHealing / PAH holistic techniques, it is pure happiness and joy, but above all beautiful wisdom, to be a parent again – this time as a more profound human being. And, breaking through the triggers every alienated child will bring with him, is something that such a parent can do with peace and deep love for his wounded self as well as his wounded child. Because his child is nothing else than a mirror for the parent’s wounded inner self.

This is the occasion for every single alienated parent to find his hidden gifts and talents.

How ParentalAlienationHealing / PAH can help with this situation?

ParentalAlienationHealing / PAH holistic techniques work miraculously with that bond. They clear the path towards the alienated child – they clear feelings of rejection, resentfulness, angriness, abandonment, hurt, all those negative feelings a parent can feel after such a battle called parental alienation. But now, breaking through and not being more in the midst of it, for the first time, the parent is no longer in the fight or flight mode. He survived and he is safe now. And he finally is to be with his child. Be aware that reconnecting with the child is only on the physical level, on the level of the body. And you know that having the body does not mean that you have your child’s mind. Because his mind was captured and kidnapped in the first place and then poisoned by the alienating parent.

In order to rebond with your child, YOU NEED TO RECONNECT WITH YOUR CHILD ON THE SOUL LEVEL.

And that is where the ParentalAlienationHealing / PAH holistic techniques can help you so beautifully and miraculously.


And that is done on the energy level; of you, your child, and your joint relationship. Clearing the stuck and negative emotions between you two, the ParentalAlienationHealing / PAH holistic techniques sweep away the last obstacles in your way. It is your heart that is beaming out your emotions toward the world. It is your heart that is beaming out your CLEARED ANDPURIFIED EMOTIONS towards your child. This is happening on the subtle energy level yet more powerful and straightforward than any spoken word.

So make sure that you understand very carefully what you beam out after your battles.

Because your child will respond to love and love only.

Love is the reason why you started this journey in the first place. Make sure that you finish it that way, at the end.

Because it does not matter how long have you been walking down the path but how you started this journey and how you led your way through it.

The intention of the journey that you have sent out to the Universe is the North Star of your journey. It is the guiding light for you, all the way through.

Everything began with love and it should end with love, too, to close that life’s circle.

So that the ending becomes the new beginning, in your life and the life of your child – two of you being reconnected and rebonded now.


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