Guaranteed discretion

When you stand in front of yourself being completely alone and you are revealing yourselves to yourselves, you are emotionally naked in front of yourself. That per se is difficult enough to handle. But when you are standing emotionally naked with your pain in front of the other person, that is really huge. And it takes a lot of courage to do that.

I congratulate you on that.

Your pain is safe with me. Your story is only shared between you and me. This is not about your data being safe with me, through GDPR. Of course, it is. But, what I am talking about here, is that your wounds, your pain, and your emotions are welcomed with total respect and in that respect kept only between you and me.

Please, don’t be ashamed of your story. Your story is beautiful like you are. Channeling the Field’s energy through me to you and sending out positive vibrations in your direction I am holding that space for you to open up and be secure. Yes, you are safe. And when you leave, that space is carefully closed and locked behind you by me, for your protection as well. The beauty of our relationship is that we are meeting here as we were attracted to each other having something in common to resolve. So, your story is my story, too.

Let us share it with respect and love and above all faith that Life has good intentions for us both!


With love and gratitude…


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