My heart is full. I have found my mission in this life and I know what tasks I need to fulfil. I am at home by myself. And I am patiently waiting for my sons to join me…

When I am writing my web pages and blogs I feel at ease… the words just come to me as that tiny, quiet voice inside, miraculously courageous and persistent when I least expect it …

When I am writing my web page and my blog Life with Alienated Children I am describing there how life looks like from the side of a mother whose children are alienated from her. I write it for the people who do not know what parental alienation is. I would not be able to write it without the support I have from some dear people whose love I have – my family and my friends.

On that web page, I am completely grounded in my heart, in my motherhood.

However, on this web page, Parental Alienation Healing, I am completely devoted to the human spirit...

I am deeply grateful to my life’s circumstances for teaching me that there is much more to us than the certain roles we play in our lives.

I want to say a big „Thank you“ to all of those wonderful spiritual teachers who came into my life in the last couple of years. All of them broaden my horizons to such an extent that I can not recognize myself anymore. With every new book, webinar, or podcast I am in awe of how their wisdom and energy communicate with my Inner Self expanding it to sheer love and happiness for being a human being and a mother. Many, many authors are on this „Thank you“ list and you, too probably know them all.

But there is one, I would like particularly to name because her programme saved my life. Her name is Melania Tonia Evans. She is an Australian spiritual teacher who created an extraordinary programme – The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programme. The programme helped me immensely when I was saving myself from the consequences of such terrible abuse. I am grateful to her and her team for holding my hand when I was emotionally drowning. They empowered me and supported me so much that I was able to climb my ladder up and out.

I am grateful to Ho’oponopono teachers, Dr. Hew Len, dr. Joe Vitale and Mabel Katz for discovering to me why I am going through my troubles and how I can transform them into something extraordinary deep and beautiful – my rediscovered life full of Life’s light and love.

I am also grateful to my Reiki teachers and friends for the love, compassion and energy they shared with me. And who helped me discover that I am not alone or abandoned in this world but that I am accompanied all my way through by something so mighty that I can not comprehend.

But above all, I am grateful to my ex-partner, for showing me where my wounds were and how deep they have been. And I am grateful to him for the sons we have and the love we shared when we were at our best – in love.

I have nothing other than to say I am grateful to Life for allowing me to become a mother in this life of mine – as there is no bigger grace from the Universe than to love and be loved by my sons.

And, in the end,  I want to state to the whole world that I am grateful to my sons for teaching me, each and every morning, all over again, how life is miraculously simple and yet so amazingly beautiful.

With all my love and gratitude…


Parental Alienation Healing

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